Time Warner Cable / drivers take company vans home

Binghamton Area, NY, United States Review updated:

Everyday I see two Time Warner Cable Vans parked in driveways on my wayto and from work. If technicians are driving company vans home at night, it is a signal that management is faltering. This means that customers are paying for the maintenance of the automobiles that technicians use to drive to and from work, (and for all errands run in between)-not a good way to run a business-the company already charges enough for its products.

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  • He
      Jul 05, 2011

    Some companies allow that, my father use to work for Suburban Propane and he always drove a company truck to and from work, it is because if there is an emergency call at night they can go out and tend to the problem without having to drive their car to work, getting a company van then heading has the tools they need already

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  • Jb
      Jul 06, 2011

    sounds like whining instead of a complaint

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  • Ca
      Jul 06, 2011

    I was wondering why you care? If it bothers you, ask. The other comments are all correct options

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