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charter billing

Last month I paid my bill for the internet/phone/cable package. Although the amount was deducted from my checking account by Charter, they began harrassing me daily for an unpaid bill, along with daily (very abrupt) late notices in the mail.

Despite spending hours on the phone with a half dozen Indian 'customer care' reps (an even more countless hours on hold), they continued to deny that they had recieved payment. This crap went on for a month - shut off notices, etc.

Twice I faxed my bank statement showing where they had deducted payment. I was told it could take 30 days for them to review the issue, but I still could lose service until then.

By then the next month's bill had arrived (now up to $172.00 for basic services). I paid that which held off the shut-off.

THEN, I guess the payment issue was resolved, because the daily phone calls stopped, BUT, I stated getting shut off notices because I owed them a late fee on the original payment that I had made ON TIME.

Time to switch to Verizon and satellite TV.

Have fun with you impending bankruptcy Charter.

OH, and by the way, your new email system SUCKS!

quality of service (qos) and costs.

I have been with Time Warner Cable a few months now. Their service has not been up to par with the quality US customers are accustomed to. Internet comes and goes very often. A few days ago we had a 5+ hour Internet service outage. I have had several problems with their on demand service, too. Their customer service is designed not to accept complaints during outages, they just don't connect you. Finally, they charge very high and recently decided to hike fees!

billing tricks and bad customer service

I'm not the type of person to only speak up when there's room for complaint. In fact I have often gone out of my way to contact businesses and inform them of superior quality in service. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for Time Warner and their internet service. I have experienced more interrupted service, billing errors, and inaccessibility to customer service with Time Warner than I could ever say for Verizon, Cox Communications, or any number of technology companies I've dealt with. Network Solutions comes close, but Time Warner takes the cake for consistent fail. On a daily basis I get dropped signals on my modem, and working largely from home, let alone holding video conferences regularly, I've had to apologize more for my shoddy internet provider than one should ever have to. On a billing level, experience has been equally as shady.

Time Warner charges you for the month ahead before you use what you've paid for, and offers different speeds of cable internet. Upon signing up, I was offered their second-tier internet speed, regularly $49 a month, for $39 a month instead (the price of their primary speed). When this three month promotion came to a close, instead of keeping me at $39 a month and giving primary speed, they just assumed I'd keep second-tier speed and bumped my bill up to $49 without warning, for the upcoming month four. I contacted customer service and told them the installer said the opposite would happen (that I would remain at $39 and get primary speed), and I wanted a new bill of $39 for primary. A month goes by and I never receive a new bill. On month five, I got a bill saying I owned them $49 for the month that passed, even though that whole time they had downgraded me to the primary speed. Blatant overcharge. Plus I owed $39 for the upcoming month. Obviously my talk with customer service was completely disregarded. Two months after that I finally got the $10 difference accredited to my account, but ultimately it raises the issue about how $39 a month is an absolute joke to begin with. Unfortunately, since Time Warner monopolized the area I live in, they're my forced choice for internet.

Customer phone service is nearly absent as well, so good luck there. I've never managed to get a human being on their phone line, and it funnels down to online chatting being your only option -- ironic seeing as that, if you can't get internet for some reason, you can't get help.

When I move to another area, making sure I have an option other than Time Warner is going to be quite the deciding factor whether or not I move there.

tv screen blank because of power surge

Time warner cable is not the power company and i'm sure they didn't send someone out to shoot your...

partnering with offerwire fraud

Ordered Charter cable tv through Offerwire in May and then began the nightmare of submitting and resubmitting rebate forms for $150 & $40 Visa gift cards. Offerwire had verbal told me in October that my resubmission was valid and I should expect to receive the Visa cards in 4-6 weeks. When nothing came, I called Offerwire again, and they said the order was invalid for the 4th time! Now they are claiming that I was a past customer of Charter and that the rebate offer was only good for new customers. I don't ever remember having cable and if I did, it was over 10 years ago. When I was placing my order with Offerwire and discussing the rebate, at no time was I asked about being a previous customer, or told that this would prevent a rebate. I don't know why Charter even works with such a disgraceful company and if we had the option of switching to another cable company we would. Since I'm not under contract, I have half a mind to drop our services all together. We spend $150 a month for Charter and I looked at the $190 rebate as a way to offset the annual cost. Both companies should be investigated for fraud by trying to lure people in with rebates they will never honor. Offerwire is nothing more than a scam and Charter has no excuse for dealing with them.

  • Vo
    volgirl Mar 02, 2011

    I agree because I have the same problem with receiving a gift card from Charter that was advertised with a bundling promotion. I do not understand why they would advertise this if they are not planning on providing the gift cards in a timely manner. Frustrating, to say the least.

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billing error ignored

All five years I was a customer of Charter Communications, I was badgered by promotions through the mail and on my telephone. Big deal to include digital phone (I resisted), but when they offered a slight discount if I'd agree to a 2-year "price guarantee" I decided to look into it. I went to their sales office and was given the spiel. When I looked over the agreement they wanted me to sign I noticed an early termination clause. I told the salesman (stated that he was the manager) that it was a deal breaker because I considered it likely that I'd be moving before the end of the two years.

The salesman asked if I knew where I'd be going. I named three possible destinations. Two of those did not have Charter's cable service, we found out. But he hastened to assure me repeatedly that it is the company's policy to wave the fee if a customer moves to an area not serviced. Based on that assurance I entered into the agreement.

Eventually I did move to one of those two areas not served. I asked the agent when I phoned to diconnect the service, and the assurance was repeated. I also asked the customer service person in the office at which I returned the equipment. Again, I was assured there would be no fee (both the agent and the CSR knew my new address).

Three months after the move I received a bill at my new address from Charter Communications for $110.00 for early termination.

At 3:43 PM PST on November 13, 2010 I phoned (as advised on the Charter Communications website) to dispute the bill. After the usual few minutes of hazing by the automated answering system I was connected with an agent named John.

I'm not certain that it's not intentional that I got the impression that I'd need to add the value of the speed of light to an IQ score to achieve a positive number. After the answering-droid took my information and garnered the purpose for my call, I was required to yet again tell John all the same information plus the security code printed on the bill. During the course he had to leave the line twice to "check my account". Of course I had to repeat the purpose of my call to him. I somehow managed to remain civil.

When I explained to John that I had multiple assurances that I would not be billed an early disconnect, he merely reminded me that I had signed that 2-year price protection contract and explained that the system automatically prorates the fee. No remorse, and not a hint of intent to cancel the erroneous charge. So I again reminded John that I had been assured both when I executed that agreement and when I turned in my equipment, that I'd not be billed early termination if I moved into an area not serviced by Charter before the end of the agreement period. So John replied by telling me to hold the line as he had to again "check my account." After being on hold for about seven more minutes, I got the hint and hung up.

I believe that this is a ruse foisted upon the unwary. It appears to me that either I was lied to by three employees, or the company has the intent to make representations they have no intention of honoring as a matter of policy. At the time I entered the contract I was aware of the possibility in the distant future that I'd be moving. I specifically asked about how that applies to early termination, and was given assurance that it's the company's policy to wave the fee were I to move to an area they do not serve. I relied on that statement when I entered into the agreement. I can't help but wonder how many people in that situation got a bill as I did and just paid it without considering the issue. Maybe it's OK for some, but for me $110.00 is not loose change. Never was.

Most businesses for which I've worked make sure the AR department knows what the Sales department is selling; and that they deliver what they're selling (another issue I had during my time as a Charter customer). That way they keep their customers. And former customers are not compelled to run around bad-mouthing them.

terrible service

I have been with Charter for about 2 years and I have never been pleased with my service, but now matters are much worse. My internet rarely works and, as I am a college student, this effects me immensely. They do not remotely care. I was stupid enough to sign a 2 year contract with the criminal company so I don't get customer service. Note how on their website there is no place for customer service. I call and call and either get the pleasure of talking to a machine or a person who does not know the English language past their script that they have in front of them. When I get the rare opportunity to speak with someone that can understand me, they ALWAYS tell me the problem will be fixed shortly and that they are sorry. Not to mention the fact that my service goes out at least once a week for a few hours, sometimes for a day or two at a time, but they will not pro-rate my bill. If you are considering Charter for your internet or cable provider, RUN! Abandon hope all ye who enter into contract with Charter!

  • Valerie Jun 06, 2008

    I moved to Cleveland Tennessee in August of 2007 and called Charter to install cable/telephone/high speed internet. Before I go on let me tell you that I have never had high speed internet before, I always had dial up. The guy came and hooked everything up and said have a nice day and left. I asked if they had a phone book and he said no, call your phone company and ask them for one. Within 30 minutes my computer crashed, gone, all of my photos and work. I called Charter up and they said the technician was supposed to have installed an anti virus protection. I told them that he didn't tell me about that, and the person on the phone said, well everybody knows you need to install that. Well I'm sorry, I am older, and I am computer illiterate, so how was I supposed to know that? So I told them to take it off my bill, because it was obvious I no longer had a computer. He said I had a credit of 12 dollars on my account. So then I receive Septembers bill and I am still being charged for internet and the installation fee. I talked to Eric, a supervisor, and he said he would take care of it. I then tried to get my money for getting my computer reprogrammed, of course my stuff is now lost forever. I spoke to a really nice person named Deone on 9/17/07 and she said they would credit my account for the installation fee and for the computer repair. Well September rolls along and now I am being charged 114.47 for the internet, which means I still haven't received my credit. And I talked to somebody in Oct, but I forgot to write their name down. Then on Nov. 6, I spoke to a Heather and a Debbie, both assuring me I will get these credits. On Jan 18, 2008, I spoke to a supervisor named Eric, who also assured me I will get these credits. Now it is March 2008, and I speak to a George, who was probably the rudest person I have ever talked to at Charter. He just flat out hangs the phone up on me. On 3/31/08 I spoke to Sarah, after I had been hung up by the previous two customer service workers. Sarah assures me I will get a credit for 100.00, and that it has been to long ago to give me the rest of the credits, so that is the best that she can do. She even went as far as to give me a confirmation number of AM12589, and said the credit would show up in 30 minutes. Well of course the credit never showed up, and I called and spoke to a Diana, and a Randi, in which neither one was able to answer my questions. So I spoke to a supervisor, Eric, once again, and he did absolutely nothing for me. So on April 2, 2008, I called and spoke to Roger, who was rude when I asked to speak to his superviso, and he informed me that they don't have supervisors, and when I told him everybody had a supervisor, even the President, he hung up on me. And then I talked to Melvin and Mary, and they were also rude. I finally got a hold of an Abby, she came back and said that the confirmation number I had didn't exist. She said the correct confirmation number was AM 512674, and that it would take 6 - 8 weeks to receive my credit. I then called the Corporate Communications office in St Louis, Mo 314-965-0555 and spoke to a Jody. I finally felt some relief, that somebody was willing to help me. By now I don't even care about the credit because almost a year has gone by. Now it is just the principal of the whole thing. Why should I go through this every month, and be told lies every month. Well, guess what, Jody said it has been so long ago, that there is nothing she can do about it. End of story.

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billing scam

We had our Time Warner Price Lock Guarantee expire, got a letter that if we renewed our price lock package...

rebate card scam

I went online back in July and saw that Charter Communication had a bundle package promotion I selected the $150.00 gift card to bundle all my services and was told the rebate would be automnatic I didn't have anything else to do I know I combined all my services on my own and only got online to talk about the cost after I combined my services just to confirm and now I'm told since I talked to an individual online that I did not qualify for this rebate SHOULD THIS MATTER? I combined all my services and in good faith believed that Charter Communication would send me a rebate card for doing this but of course not I was told that since I didn't do all this without help I was not eligible for this rebate WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? I feel like I was scammed by Charter Communication I did file a complain with the FCC in hope they would look into this I am so mad right now I could delete them from my services and never deal with them again. I for one am telling everyone I know about this scam so they won't get taken for a ride as well...I was told so many thing while on these online chat sessions about 10 so far and everyone tells me something different I don't think Charter knows what the hell is gong on with these online attendants. I even called and inquired to this number they gave me it is called CUSTOMER PROMOTION and the rude guy told me that since everything was done online I would need to talk to them online only what the heck is wrong with Charter Communication? I think once they got you in their grip the hell with ya, this is what I'm feeling right now I thought I was a valued customer apparently not in their eyes

service and support

Have you ever had to deal with the wonderful support and service that is Time Warner Cable? Then this is the article for you to read. Myself and my roommate have been using Time Warner for about 7 months now and during that time we have had zero positive experiences with them. In fact, throughout our experiences with what I would go as far to call the absolute worst in their industry, our experiences have been downright awful.
A call in to their customer service or technical service department is all it takes to realize how horrible they are. It seems that both departments have a script to go by and do everything they can to avoid deterring from this script. If you ask for an opinion on a matter you will get a response such as “I’m not in a position to state my opinion”, or “My opinion doesn’t matter in this situation.” Both departments offer minimal support and answers to any questions if you are an above average user. Technical support department will hurry to set up an appointment for someone to come out, which yes is great except for the fact that nine out of ten times these appointments are at best three of four days away. This is the best part… if the reason you called has been resolved by some miracle when the technician is there to take a closer look at it, you get charged something like $25. If the technician determines that the fault isn’t there equipment or service lines…you still get the charge. Which poses this question, why would anyone in the right mind want a technician to come out? I wouldn’t.
Ok, so let’s move on to how great their services are! I have the cable TV and internet, so I can only speak for those services. The internet is good if all you want to do is browse the internet. If the time comes you want to upload pictures or a video be prepared for the slower upload speeds than what you can get with a cell phone. Oh, and also be prepared for your internet to go out at least once per evening around 7:00-7:30 when your modem resets itself. In the last four days our internet has cut out at least seven times each evening. We call technical support who does nothing more than offer to send out a technician during late morning or early afternoon when the services work as normal as possible. IF you request a technician to come out during the hours of the constant interruptions be prepared to be let down because it’s not a time where appointments are available. Not exactly what you would expect from somebody you dish out on average of $115 a month, but it’s what you get.
The cable TV is also good at best. If you are like me and awake until 12:00-1:00AM you most likely will not be able to watch TV. During a 30 day period I tallied how many nights I wasn’t able to watch TV at night. After that period was over I was shocked at the results. There were only nine days where my TV was actually working, and because of the times I couldn’t have a technician come out and look at it. The On Demand service frequently goes out as well so don’t plan on watching that unless you are sitting down and it’s working when you look at it. And even then be prepared for it to cut out just as you get involved in whatever you are watching.
It’s very frustrating to pay for services that seem to work only when they feel like. After you call and complain so many times about the interruptions in your services they will offer you something useless like three months free of Showtime, which is nice if you like watching Weeds or The Big C. From the experiences of myself and other people I know on Time Warner I would rate the service 4/10 and the support 2/10. If you have an option of going with a different provider I would strongly recommend it as the odds are it will be superior in every way shape or form.

hidden/undisclosed fee's

We signed up for Time Warner Road Runner Turbo Internet and when the installation Rep showed up we decided to get the T.V. services also. Before the 30 days was up we decided to forgo the t.v.service. My husband took the cable box and remote back to the field office where he was informed that there would be a $20 fee for coming to the house to disable something so we couldn't jerry rig the tv back on. We had not been informed of that fee and a few other hidden costs. We opted to keep the sevice until we got it figured out. I contacted customer service by email where I was informed that we would not have to pay the $20 fee. It's as though the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, but what was worse was that the service rep at the Palmdale, CA. office was extremely rude and loud to my husband. Maybe she does this stuff everyday and for a living, but if we have questions and concerns I don't see why we or he should be treated rudely. The installation guys were great and the email help service they have is great, I just hate to judge them by one "ding bat". It's a shame but she soured the whole service for them, I was seriously considering getting rid of the whole service. Overall I won't do that because I really like the Internet Road Runner Service. Don't business's realize how they are judged by their reps?????

cable service and customer service

The cable service is atrocious and is down at least every week. They say they're giving you a credit but...

extreme incompetence

Time Warner set up my service in Belgrade Maine and apparently entered the billing information incorrectly...incompetence #1.

I noticed I hadn't been billed and called my representative who said he would take care of it with customer service...he didn't...incompetence #2.

Now they say they will be doing a disconnect of the service since there is not enough time to correct the billing. Worse than that is that both the UNcustomer service rep and the UNcustomer service supervisor maintain that it is my fault (not thier two screwups !). This has to be the worst customer service ever. They make the phone company look phenonominal. I would suggest that if you have a choice between Verizon FIOS and Time Warner cable it would be hands down to pick Verizon. At least Verizon has been flexible even when the mix up was mine.

I greatly dislike these people and this company !!!

  • Sn
    Snowha Sep 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    TIme Warner set up my service in Belgrade Maine and apparently entered the billing information incorrectly...incompetence #1.

    I noticed I hadn't been billed and called my representative who said he would take care of it with customer service...he didn't...incompetence #2.

    Now they say they will be doing a disconnect of the service since there is not enough time to correct the billing. Worse than that is that both the UNcustomer service rep and the UNcustomer service supervisor maintain that it is my fault (not thier two screwups !). This has to be the worst customer service ever. They make the phone company look phenonominal. I would suggest that if you have a choice between Verizon FIOS and Time Warner cable it would be hands down to pick Verizon. At least Verizon has been flexible even when the mix up was mine.

    I greatly dislike these people and this company !!!

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bad service

I don’t understand how time warner cable advertise of excellent service when is not specially in the north dallas area in texas. For the past months and I am talking about since day one when we got the internet and cable tv installed; it’s been nothing but frustration and bad service. Sometimes you let things go but, I am now really pissed and done with twc. Bad technicians with * excuses when they don’t feel like working. Recurrent problems with my cable tv. I have been missing my favorite shows. This morning I was really pissed when I turned on my tv to watch the news and all I was able to see was little squares and bad reception. My god will they ever do things right? Keep blaming it on my screen tv time warner. I guess all my neighbors have bad tv also. Don’t they? Why am I getting a poor image and audio? What a minute! The image is silent. Well done time warner cable. Well done. I am done and ready for the fios.

  • Valerie May 03, 2008

    Time Warner bundle service has been a nightmare for me since January 19, 2008. I haven't had all three services running since I started. I just found out that they tied the phone service into my renters AT&T service. I have had 7 house calls and have spent over 30 hours on their phone with them. Now they're putting the blame on their original contractors they hired. But I still don't have adequate service. This is my 4th day taking off of work for a service call. The supervisor was to be here at 8am. Sure

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  • Ro
    Robert Aller Aug 13, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I switched to TWC last Thursday and I still don't have phone or Internet service. They cut my previous carrier off and I have not had phone svc since last week. I keep getting long song and dances from Tech's, Managers, etc.., but no resolve to my situation. I am losing money, contacts, and key appointments becasue we take care of our Grandmother. Shoud I have to pay anything for this type of service and treatment.

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  • Valerie Oct 06, 2008

    Since I was unable to contact the company via internet unless making a payment I was forced to sit on hold for 25 minutes and then told in addition since my husband was the primary on the account I was unable to discuss it with them unless I had his Drivers license #. I verified the CDL# except the last 2 digits I had mixed up. They are lucky I had it memorized as it was after 10 years of marraige. They refused to help me until I could verify the entire dl# in correct numerical order to review our service with them. I wanted a 2 day extension on a bill I was unable to pay. I had broken my arm and missed 3 weeks of work. I asked them to hold while I went through all our papers in our filing cabinet to find something with his DL on it. I was finally able to locate our insurance binder in our at home office. After now being on hold for 30 minutes and them talking to me for another 25 minutes while I searched vigorously for the last two digits of the DL# I finally found it. The agent then said she was unable to grant me the extension. Knowing the entire time my account was not qualified for an extension she waited for me to find that info just so she was able to tell me that it was not feasible. Which I gather she knew all along since she was looking at my account the whole time. I was livid and requested to speak to her manager and only then after 50 minutes on the phone with her she gave me the TWO day extension. What gets me is the fact that I had explained to her I had a broken arm and had missed work. I also explained my spouse was at work and had his CDL# with him. I also explained I had 3 kids trying to get ready for school and that it was only a 2 day extension. The fact that I was able to confirm the DL# at the beginning of the phone call but had the last 2 digits twisted she had refused to help me until I figured it out. I come from an insurance background and very few people have their own DL# memorized let alone their spouses, so that ticked me off, and that the service online for their consumers is payments only, no complaints, no payment arrangements, no changes can be made to the cable viewing package. Payments only, so God forbid you have to call them.

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  • Ar
    archie4711 Dec 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Today I had a run into the MOST STUPID action of TIME WARNER ever, that they are plenty!!!

    I needed my account number to pay my bill. I was in the office and I could not get through the automated billing service without the account number. I acted like a civilized man who lives in a civilized culture and called Customer Service. The girl needed my account number to give me my account number. I explained to her how STUPID this is, and she said this is the regulations. I begged, pleaded, asked, yelled, and no way, she needed my account number to give me my account number. I asked if she understands modern-days' logic, and she said yes, but she needed my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations. I told her that this in not National Lampoon and she can ask me any question, such as date of birth, address, or any other information, and she said that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations. I tried telling her that in non-civilized cultures humans and close-to-humans would have mire brains than that, I need my account number so I can pay my bill. She said that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations. I asked her how does TIME WARNER hire people? How do they make these regulations? If people need their account numbers they should get them. Customer service basics says so. She said that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations. I asked her to take a break, walk around the block, smoke a cigarette (or a joint as it so happened with the guy who writes regulations for TIME WARNER), so she can relax, then it might dawn on her: If I had the account number there would be no need for me to ask for it. She said that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations. I asked to speak t a supervisor, she said she needs the account number so I could speak to a supervisor. I asked if she would be kind enough to mail me the bill (my bills stopped coming in the mail). She said she needs the account number to start mailing me the bills. I said How would I know the account number if you are not mailing it to me. She said she needs my account number so she can verify why the bills are not coming to me. And finally she said she will talk to a supervisor. She put me on hold listening to ugly stupid ads about how WONDERFUL service is at TIME WARNER for a while. She came back, apologized for the wait, and said (Ready for this???) that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations.

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  • Yo
    youranidiot Feb 03, 2009

    Well you should have had all the info you needed when you called. They do that so noone besides the account holder and spouse (who SHOULD have this info) can access it.. ###

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  • Co
    connec Jan 09, 2010

    We got time warner cable a few monthes back and since then it has been truly HORRIBLE it is the worst company the T.V will not work and it cuts of dosent include all the channels we bought and is very static they really dont care about anything but themselves it relly is a bad company if you want bad cable thre just the company for you.

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  • Ca
    car54 Mar 14, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The customer service rep tell us that the billing date on the bill isn't correct and the balance is due from last month. I showed the customer service rep I paid payments so how is this possible? I then ask so your telling me the billing dates on the bill what you are charging me for your saying that's not correct that the billing is being charged for a bill I already paid she said yes. I said so I am being charged for services I don't have she said yes I said can I get my bill fixed I am tired of having this problem every single month. She ignored us and said my computer shows you only contacted our company once in Nov and that has been it. I said miss I been contacting your company not on in Nov but months before that as well and all the time after that. She pretty much out right called us a liar. As soon as another company is available in our area we will most likely change. Time Warner does not respond nor fix their mistakes in a timely manner. They offer no service after business hours even if it was their fault. It is extremely difficult to get a response from them. We have not had a very good experience with this company and would not recommend them.

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  • Am
    AmesD Apr 11, 2013

    Yes freakin issue after another! Internet sucks and they did not get my apartment number right so I was cut off for days. I tried to get them to change my apartment number to the correct number and I was transferred from here to there. I was finally transferred to ...a flipping voice mail stating that it was passed normal business hours. Before that last transfer, the lady told me that I would have to go to a local branch and show them my drivers license. Really? I told her that it was THEIR mistake. Then she told me that I would have to go through this major process to get my apartment number changed. I could not believe that it was such an ordeal (and no solution yet) just to change one damn number. This is by far the worst internet company I have EVER dealt with!

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deceptive/fraudulent billing practices

Beware of extra fees hidden on your work order before you sign! I ordered double play with $29.99 install...

irresponsible employees

I terminated services with Time Warner Cable Kansas City at the end of August. Once I called to cancel the service I took the disconnected cable boxes and cable modem back to a local store and received a receipt for the equipment. The employees at the store were very friendly and professional. The problem arrose when a technician showed up at my residence to "supposedly" disconnect the service. The pole where the service line comes from isnt even on my property yet the man opened my fence letting my 2 dogs loose. He never came to the door to ask permission and once releasing the dogs he merely returned to his vehicle and left. He never attempted to contact myself or anyone at my residence; he very unprofessionally sneaked away. He returned a day later and again attempted to gain access to my yard. This time my mother-in-law who babysits my 2 year old stopped him. He first tried to lie about the issue from the previous day and once he knew he was caught stated the dogs were not his problem and again left. My mother-in-law told him the pole where the services come from were in a neighbor's yard.

I realize these type of employees are all contractors but I would think TWCKC would check up on these people a little harder. No positive customer service points awarded here. I am letting everyone I know that uses or is looking into TWCKC to look in a different direction.

  • Kc
    kcimitguy Sep 09, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh by the way the guy drives a small black pickup with a small white sign on the side advertising his services. If you see him in your neighborhood beware and be prepared to call 911.

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  • Ru
    rubytuesday Apr 22, 2011

    The new lineup is just terrible and some of the programming is on more than one channel! Some of the services that were free we now have to pay for! the brochure with the new lineup is too small for older people to read and we are paying for this? I am one day away from getting Direct TV!

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did not credit account/and reported to collections and credit report

I was having problems with the cable box basiclly from day one...It would shut off and reboot without any notice very often And reboot just about every night... I dealt with it for quite a few months thinking that it was new and had to update and reboot to update any or all programs...So I call Time Warner and talk to a Rep. and she said sorry I will credit your account and have a tech come out and look and see what the problem was! "He said that this type of box was junk and that they were having lots of problems with them" ...So he changed it out for a new work well for a few weeks and started doing the same thing(rebooting shuting off and not coming back on so I would wake up with a blue screen on a 51 inch projection which is the reason my convergence chip went out and costed $368.00 to fix...well now its been 9 month have not heard anything from TIME WARNER or CMI which is a collection agency... Now there saying its too late to reimburse me or credit my account $125.00 ...They still have problems with there boxes(just listen when you wait on hold"If your have trouble with your box...etc) I will never get TIME WARNER again they have terible customers service and a long hold time and they lie and decieve you...I was once a person that only liked TIME WARNER because you didnt need a box for every TV, But now there digital service is unreliable and there customer service is nothing less then a joke...They will make you TV watching experience more less a electronic nightmare(kind of like a virus in a computer) and in the end the will mess up your credit and for those with nice bigscreen TV's they will probably screw that up too with there box going on/off, blue screens if u fall asleep with your TV on like I do...Make sure if you have a sleep timer on your TV use it...It also made my uncles DLP TV blow the bulb in less then a year(good thing the tv was still under warranty otherwise it would have costed $300+ to replace) He is now with AT&T now and way happier...MORAL OF THE STORY- If you like your TV and Credit to stay good or in good working order Stay away from TIME WARNER DIGITAL CABLE!!!

difficult to cancel

Difficulty Cancelling service.
TW refused to cancel service, due to my not knowing a PIN number (which I am sure was never provided) or the exact date and amount of my last payment (which is auto drafted).

They will not allow cancellation online (where I can log in with my username and a password (which is NOT the same as this PIN number they want).

I know my name, account number, address.

I believe this policy is about extracting more money from the consumer. The harder they make it to cancel, the more days a person ends up paying for service.

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    COSMOS NOVELTIES Mar 28, 2012
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    Verified customer

    We signed a time warner internet service agreement for 24 months. Our existing premises lease has expired and we have moved to a new place which is adjacent to the old premises. Time warner is now insisting that we have to sign a 4 year new lease so that the services can be moved. We offered them a new 24 month lease agreement but they insist that it should be for 4 years. Time warner has threatened to bill us for the entire period of 24 months less the months already expired in case we do not agree to the 4 year new agreement.

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espn black out

Time Warner Cable is removing ESPN & local ABC channels on Sept.2... So, this means, NO Monday Night Football, NO Sports Center, NO The View or Housewives shows for my wife and NO Saturday morning ABC cartoons for my kids... What kind of company takes away some of its biggest channels? The Time Warner website ( says this, "At Time Warner Cable, we’re all about connecting people and businesses with information, entertainment and each other. To connect you with all the shows you love to watch, we must pay the companies that own the broadcast TV stations and cable networks. We fight to keep those fees as low as possible, because they directly impact the cable bill you have to pay each month."

The Disney (Disney owns ESPN, ABC) website ( says this, "Our current agreements with Time Warner Cable to carry the ESPN Networks and (in certain markets) ABC stations will expire on September 2, 2010. The two companies are now in active negotiations to reach agreement before that date. It is in the best interests of consumers, as well as both companies, for us to successfully conclude these negotiations before the deadline to avoid interrupting service to Time Warner Cable subscribers."

I'm less inclined to side with Time Warner, the company who would fix this easily by coming to an agreement with Disney. Not to mention, Time Warner has the worst customer service. I'd switch to FIOS if they offered it here...

customer service/bill fees

I am very dissatisfied with this company's customer service and business practices. I normally am a patient and laid back person, but this company has pushed my buttons! I have more than once had to call regarding additional charges to my bill and when I call about them, it takes forever for them to explain the charge, which they almost always end up dropping! It almost seems shady to me. The latest (and last straw) was when I received a $36.99 additional charge to my bill under Charter TV services. I called and after being directed through the phone maze for 30 minutes, the representative did not seem to fully understand the billing process or services which made it more frustrating to say the least. I was first told that my "deal" had ended .. and when I said why does it say "service visit", they said it was for the internet tech that came out to repair our internet modem. We pay extra money for their modem because it covers service calls. Well I was told that since I didn't pay the "wire fee", that this is why I was charged. But then when she looked at the bill, she said she really couln't tell what the fee was for and that I had to DRIVE 20 minutes to the local branch (she actually told me they don't have a phone) to resolve this! I am so discouraged and frustrated with this company -- unfortunately, it is the only provider in this area for cable/internet. Very frustrated!

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