Tim Hortonsunethical behaviour

May 8, 2017
Edson Branch

At around 11: 30 am, on our way from Jasper to edmonton, we took a Timmies break at Edson, because we ( 6 in family) are all Timmie 's die hard fans, placed our orders, paid and were waiting, when we saw a employee pulled cups for making coffee, she held the cup by putting her fingers inside the cup, wasn't even wearing gloves, that truly disgusted us, and we launched complaint with manager, while we were doing that manager and employees started to speak foreign language ( ?filipino), it looked like they were cursing us. Then we just stood there for more than 10 mins and nobody seemed to make our order. When we reminded the employee, she said " I am not making your order, because you think my hands are dirty", which was not the case at all, we had complained about her putting her hands inside the cup. Then another employee came and very reluctantly made our order, speaking in different language all the time with other
We lost quite a lot of unnecessary time there, when we could have reached our destination on time.. a horrible horrible experience !!

May 09, 2017

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