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Dieppe, NB, Canada

5 weeks ago i went to get my usual coffee at my usual Tim Horton's on Amirault street in Dieppe, NB. On that particular morning the lid on my coffee was not put on tightly. So when i took off into the morning rush traffic i went to take a drink of my coffee. Because the lid was not put on tightly the coffee cup collapsed into my hand therefor pouring hot coffee all over myself and then causing me to hit the car in front of me. My van had damage to the front bumber in which i had replaced. There was coffee ejected everywhere in my van from my cup. I called the Tim Horton's that was at fault and they put me in contact with their head office/complaint department. The next day a lady from head office contact me and offered to have the interior of my van cleaned at their expense, in which i had done immefiatly. I called the following day, on tje friday to see if something more could be done to help me but that same lady was not there and on vacation, so i left her a message. The following monday i called and spoke with a gentleman and he was not willing to be helpfull. Now my lawyer asked me to give you one last chance to help me with paying the damages on my vehicle that was clearly caused by poor and negligent service from your staff. All that i ask is that you pay my $500 deduclible for the repairs done on my vehicle, which i think is a more that resonable request considering the situation. Thanks
Carole Chiasson

Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons

Oct 18, 2018

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