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Burlington Ontario Canada, CA

I love my "timmies",!... But...

I recently took a take out coffee only to find an insect in the bottom of my cup. The cup was a winner (Roll up the rim) for free potatoe wedges, but I was absolutely sickened to find the creepy crawler at the bottom of my cup. I do have several photographs of the cup and culprit. I'm trying to let it go... But now i'm hesitant to visit that location in burlington ontario, as I fear it is hygienically unsafe. I am not the person to cause a fuss, but I fear that this has really put me off.
Do you have a website that I can post my photos? If I post on facebook... You will lose many loyal customers. Sadly, free potatoe wedges has not done anything to allay my fears.

Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons

Apr 03, 2017

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