Tim Hortons / chili

Last week I went into the Tim Hortons on Dundas St. In Belleville my order came to $31 and change. We ordered a cookie, a bottle of Pepsi, a small hot chocolate, a donut and 2 turkey bacon club sandwich combos with chilli. I get home and start feeding the chili to my daughter as well as myself. When I was about to put a spoonful in my daughters mouth I found a very large hard piece of green plastic on the spoon. I immediately took pictures of this and called the store to inform them. They replaced my meal. I called head office and reported this and nothing has yet to be done nor have I been contacted back. My daughter or I could have chocked or broken our teeth. Now Tim Hortons this has been happening a lot and my husband and I are frequent daily users at least 4 times a day. How are you going to solve this?

Nov 26, 2017

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