Tim Hortonscashier trying to steal gift card balance - nebo rd & rymal rd location

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My total order was $21.56. I was served by a young man. I paid with 2 gift cards. The first card had $7.04 balance, the rest was paid with a $20 gift card. Once the balance owing of $14.52 was paid, the guy told me I had just enough on the second card that it paid the balance. I looked at him & asked for the receipt & cards back. The second card still had $5.48 left on it. The guy tried to steal the balance from me. You have a thief working at this location. Is this the type you want representing your brand? Who else has he done that to? When people pay cash is he truly putting it in the till? You better fire him to teach this kid a lesson. Not impressed, very angry and will never trust a Tim Hortons employee again.

May 09, 2017
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  •   May 09, 2017

    Calm your t*ts!!! It was no doubt an honest mistake. Why would the employee need to steal your pitiful gift card balance when he has access to free coffee, etc. He doesn't need your gift card! And for you to call him a thief and demand he be fired shows you are a marginal human, at best! You should be really careful, wishing bad things on people because karma is a ***h!

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