Tim Hortons / bad customer service and bad management

Yesterday I visited the Tim Hortons on 5710 Cleveland Ave in Columbus Ohio location at around 5:30pm. I drove to the drive through and instead of saying hi welcome to Tim Hortons the so called manager said ""WHAT CAN I GET FOR YOU" in a very loud, rude and unfriendly tone of voice. I then proceeded to ask her about the timbits and she got even more irrate with me and then had the nerve to get a male employee to take my order because she didn't want to be bothered with my questions anymore. I get to the window and NOT one person is there to service me. The same rude manager COMPLETELY ignored me and just stood there and held a private conversation with other people. She then came to the window and asked me if I've been helped. I said no I've been waiting here for over 5 minutes. She then asked me what I ordered which was unbelievable. Then had the nerve to blame me for nobody being at the window. I asked for the highest managers name. All she did was give me a piece of paper with no information on it then said call the manager in the morning and slammed the window in my face! I'm filing a law suit!

Jul 28, 2018

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