Thrifty Car Rental / swindled

United States

So I go to pick up the rental car from Thrifty. Everything sounds great, $62, 2 days, sweet. Do I pick the Corolla or the Focus? I make the right choice. Then she lays it on me, "How will you be covering the car?" Before I can say half of the word, thrifty, she starts explaining their coverage options. How they offer the full protection which is awesome, because it covers everything. Or maybe the middle grade protection? It's ok. Then of course there's always the basic protection, which is only $29.95, per day. I'm thinking, coverage, what? Quickly, she asks me which one of those I would be interested in. I'm like wait, so it's going to be 60 more dollars on top of the original 62? I asked her if I had to choose one, she says, "Well, you have to cover the car." (She really meant, show me proof of insurance.) I was clearly not happy about having to pay an extra 60 bucks on top of the original price, I wasn't angry, I was bummed. Then she says, well I can remove the Road Side Assistance option from the basic protection, that will take off $12. Something like that. Bringing my total to ONLY $115 and some change. I wanted to walk out, but I needed the car to get to work in less than an hour. So I signed all of the agreements, one explaining my coverage option, and one about a $250 smoking fee. Great, here's your key. I'm thinking, what a scam, they say $62 and then slam you with insurance.

Well I get to work and start talking about what a rip off it was. Then people start telling me I can deny the coverage, obviously. So I call some Thrifty number just to be certain. The lady I talk to says that I can deny the coverage, obviously. I ask her about the charge being reversed, since they made it seem like I had no choice, besides coverage options 1, 2, or 3, of course. So she wanted to make sure that it wasn't a requirement in my state. She then called the Thrifty location I went to. I was on hold briefly, and then she came back and said it wasn't a requirement, the charges can be reversed but it has to happen in the store, can't be over the phone. I was pleased.

Finally, after work, I go back to Thrifty. I talk to the manager. I explain that I picked up a car at 10 a.m. and was led to believe I had to choose one of their coverage options. At this point he didn't know I had already called and confirmed I did not have to choose a coverage option. How could he? I had just started talking. But as a salesman, he is a terrible listener. He was jumping in with the same scheme, "How are you going to cover the car?" "With my insurance." I replied. He says, "Yea, you chose the Basic Protection Package." I said, "I do not have to choose one of these options." He again asked, "Well, how are you going to cover the car?" "With my car insurance." I said. That's the very short version on how that talk with the manager went. It was absolutely ridiculous. He didn't even let me mention that I called and talked to someone who said the charges could be reversed. He was asking quick questions in the middle of my sentences. Pointless questions. One question was seriously, "What options are you talking about?" Knowing damn well I was talking about his 3 magical options of being ripped off. I felt like he was trying to short change me. Asking me all of these quick pointless questions, while I was just trying to explain what happened. Then he eventually says well I can take off the coverage for tomorrow, but not for today because it's been out there from 10 am to 8 pm. I told him that the lady I talked to on the phone earlier said the charges could be reversed. Now he's confused, because he made no attempt to listen to what I had to say. He asks, "What lady are you talking about?" I explain. Told him I would of been there earlier if I wasn't at work. I get my illegitimate charges removed and go home, but not without an extra 15 minute argument with a Thrifty con artist.

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