Thrifty Car Rentalovercharges

On Saturday june 6 2015 I walk into their office rent a compact car for 200 dollars weekly will bring this back june 20 2015, on the second week I have to left the car in a parking lot the car was scratched on driver side doors and cover for mirror cracked could not get people to accept responsibility for damages so when I bring car to rental place I agree to paid for damages for a car with 140, 000 kilometers that been wrecked before I was charged 1, 600 quetzals about 225 dollars is ok but then he charge for the rental 3, 200 quetzals about 430 dollars, when I complaint about this overcharge of 30 dollars his answer was my company exchange rate is 8 to 1 I said you cannot do that the official exchange rate by the Guatemalan bank is 7.52 to1, he said I don't care this guy name is LUIS MORAN MANAGER SUPERVISOR WHO KNOWS WHAT HE IS, but he surely is a hungry money s.o. b .honestly is my second time in 4 years that I rent from this people but I swear to myself we will never ever again will get a penny of my bussines, I already call prensa libre maybe theypublish my story so this thief will run out of bussines thanks sincerely angel echeverria n.c. d.l. 8114321 the #of the receipt is0014992 and the rental agreement #is25525..

Jun 24, 2015

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