Thomas Zelinski (stolen identity) / Pretending to rent a house that isn't his to rent

1 Grand Rapids, MI, United States
Contact information:

I replied to an ad on Craigslist about a house in Grand Rapids Mi that was being advertised as a rental and the asking price was $1000 per month. The house address was listed as 7395 Whispering Ridge Street in Grand Rapids, MI. The person who replied had the email of: [protected] After some research, I found that the house was NOT for rent but rather was a currently listed house for sale by Coldwell Banker agent, Brian Clinger, for an asking price of $250, 000. I contacted the selling agent who verified with the owner that he had not placed an ad on Craigslist for the house to be rented and that he was not out of the state of MI on his honeymoon, as the perpetrator had stated in his email to me. I was asked by the selling agent and the actual owner THOMAS ZELINSKI, to report the ad to Craigslist as well as the FBI, which I have done. Here is a copy of his email response to me:

Thomas Zelinski (stolen identity)
Thomas Zelinski (stolen identity)

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