The Salvation Army USAunethical behaviors by personal/staff/beneficiaries

L Feb 22, 2017 Review updated:

This ARC run by the Salvation Army on 18th Ave in Rockford Illinois has caused emotional abuse, slander, defamation of character and continued to support addictive behaviors by some of there "beneficiaries" residing at this facility. A few of the Majors who run and/or are in charge of this facility on 18th Ave have broken confidentiality and promoted and encouraged a hostile environment with one of their beneficiaries/addicts and what once was a loved one. I was personally threated on Jan 1 2017 by a staff (?) or beneficiary when I showed up to tell the person I helped get into treatment there that their dog was ill. I politely asked for this person and stated I would wait in my car. A few minutes later after a couple other beneficiaries ran around a man came out and told me if I didn't leave they would call the police and told me "you know what you did". I have no idea what I did. The beneficiary I was there to see is currently using a drug purchased from a smoke shop close to this facility called Kratom - gives a heroin type high but doesn't show up on drug screen so his behaviors have been erratic and cruel and abusive. I don't use drugs or drink. I have a bachelor level college education and I work 1 full time job and part time job. I have tried to ask for assistance and I have been slandered and cussed at and verbally abused at your facility. This was reported and the Major in charge decided to tell the addict about this and in turn made things worse for me. This same major has encouraged the addict still using that resides there to file orders of protection on me - which have been dismissed and denied but the abuse continues. I am disgusted by the way this facility is run and the lack of anyone in any authority to do anything about it but sit back and encourage continued abuse against me. Apparently it is "ok" for people in this rehab to abuse/use a natural supplement to get high on. The first month he was there he was back to being caring and seemed to really want help then the lies and deception started. I listened to him tell me of things going on at the facility that are wrong on so many levels but at the same time he was trash talking me to everyone there and I guess this is allowed to. The ARC Salvation Army is to be Faith based - that is a joke. There is no Faith or God seeking in the behaviors occurring and the Major in charge is ok with all this - nothing is being done. Apparently the addict in question also had needles of some sort mailed to him and I was blamed for this although I had nothing to do with it so the Major told the addict to get another order of protection on me - which the judge denied. This addict was not seeing a sponsor and having people forge a name on the slip, he stealing from ware house and pawning items for money to buy Kratom to get high. He has a very enabling family member who sends him money. My life has been turned upside down and your web site for the Salvation army ARC talks about family support ect...another joke. If anything the ARC on 18th Ave has encouraged the separation of me and my now ex fiancé. I stuck by this person for 5 years - I did not enable and I made sure he was accountable for his actions. He lies to everyone now about everything. He is deceptive. He is manipulative. Its like he is back on heroin but instead he is on Kratom so he can still pass drug tests and stay living there. No one at the 18th Ave ARC in Rockford Il did anything to investigate the claims or bring me in to do family counseling or anything. The ARC has changed this person into someone I don't even know. Maybe because he is easily influenced or because you need someone else to live there and work there since they graduated him knowing about all this. I would never suggest anyone ever go to your Rockford ARC for rehab - EVER.


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      Apr 30, 2018

    kratom is legal and a healthy alternative. You know very little. Leave that person alone and get a life.

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