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The Modern Vault / Shelly is a liar, con artist, and fraud, caught selling damaged furniture, dishonest dirtbag dealer

1 361 Old Newport BlvdNewport Beach, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 520-822-7410

WHERE TO BEGIN...the owner of this shop is completely unethical. They ship furniture that they know is damaged and then blame everyone else. I made the mistake of agreeing to ship for this store (NEVER AGAIN). When I arrived at the store I carefully BLANKET WRAPPED the order and then sealed it with stretch wrap. The terms were to ship the piece BLANKET WRAP (SEE PICTURE FOR PROOF):

Item 1:Mid Century Dresser
Description: Needs Blanket Wrap and Delivered to Apartment in Brooklyn
Dimensions: L: 5 ft 4 in. W: 1 ft 7 in. H: 2 ft 6 in.
Weight: 50 lbs

to be picked up within 7 days of our agreement on June 17th, 2015 and delivered 14 days after pickup (You can see this is July 1st so we are well within that window)

Starting yesterday we began receiving the most nasty and profane text messages threatening to shut our business down, call the cops, etc because we didn't deliver yet. Apparently Shelly can't count days very well in addition to shipping damaged furniture.

When I arrived at the delivery, I UNWRAPPED THE BLANKET/STRETCH WRAP and the customer finds a VERY small corner knicked (kinda like in the picture in the advertisement on the uship page, but I digress). Clearly, this was damage that was already there since we had so carefully wrapped this item. I was then told to cough up several hundred dollars for a mistake I did not do. I offered to have an antique dealer who fixes these things locally look at it and Shelly all of a sudden didn't think the damage was that big of a deal any more.

Then, to top it off, Shelly refused to give me the COD code for payment unless I deliver the piece of furniture to the 30th floor claiming we agreed to "WHITE GLOVE" service when we agreed to BLANKET WRAP in our agreement (can provide proof with a picture to prove what I'm saying). For those who don't know, "WHITE GLOVE" means you take a delivery all the way into an apartment for delivery and "BLANKET WRAP" means you just wrap carefully and deliver outside the residence.

1st dibs really has gone down hill if it allows vendors like Shelly on their site. Most of my jobs are repeat from vendors who are actually professional. Shelly is far from. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

The Modern Vault

Jul 1, 2015
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  • Th
      2nd of Jul, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Here are the facts...
    We contracted this shipper to deliver a dresser into the home of our customer in Brooklyn, NY. uShip (the shipping broker) can also verify the shipment was to be delivered INTO the home. We had to physically helped wrap the piece, which was in showroom perfect condition when it left our store, photos are attached 1, 2.

    He forgot blankets so we let him use some of ours to wrap the piece. We specifically instructed him to transport the piece on its top, because the legs were fragile. He was to deliver INTO THE HOME, and also provide a certificate of insurance for the building (as required by most NYC co-op buildings) he said he would have that available, no problem. After several days of no communication from him, my customer called me and said he no-showed on them two days in a row. I contacted him via text, as he would not answer his phone and told him that he needed to contact me right away or I would file a report. After a brief conversation, he states the piece is to be delivered that day. I ask that he contact me when the job is complete and he delivers the piece into the home, I will release payment.

    My customer calls me several hours later and states he is refusing to deliver the piece into the home, the item is damaged and he is demanding a payment release to him. I refuse, stating he has not completed the job and is holding my customer hostage, along with the damaged dresser. He also damaged the piece and I asked her to had the phone to him so we could speak, as he was not answering my calls. After a brief conversation and him ADMITTING that it must have 'got banged around in the truck', I asked how he wanted to handle the repair reimbursement, it was going to probably cost $400 to fix the repairs, he became very angry. See attached photos 3, 4 Pretty clear the piece was damaged in his care.

    He then became combative and refused to deliver into the home. I contacted the uShip corporate office, asking for their intervention, apparently he was worried we weren't going to give the code because the damage he caused was about the same as his delivery fee, he would get nothing. I gave them permission to release the payment to him as long as it was delivered. At that point, it was a complete embarrassment to our company and my customer to argue with him in the streets, it was better that my customer is happy, we can deal with him later. He knew he damaged the dresser, and was now trying to blame us for giving him a damaged piece so he wouldn't have to pay. Finally, after several minutes on the phone, he delivers the piece, I get a call from my customer saying it was delivered. uShip releases payment code and also informs me that his account was previously suspended for future payment because he had another outstanding issue with another customer to which he has not responded.

    Later that day, we reviewed our service (required by ship with any completed shipment) and give him a negative response, basically stating what was said here. He is now sending threatening emails and texts saying he will ruin our reputation and file complaints with 3 separate agencies for 3 days straight until it shows up as the top search in Google searches. At this point, we are washing our hands of this person and we have reimbursed our customer $650 for the damage to the dresser and the inconvenience and will try and recoup the money from insurance. We don't want to have anything to do with this person, he is unethical, a liar and extremely unprofessional. It was a complete nightmare. Our reputation is flawless and this guy is threatening to ruin it. It's very clear he is trying to threaten and scare us because he can't get paid by the broker because his account is suspended, not by our actions, but by his own.

    Ask this question: If we were so 'unethical' 'dirtbag dealers' 'liars', etc. why do we have across the board 5 star ratings on Etsy and our own website? Why would we be one of the top 3 sellers of Mid Century furniture and accessories in the U.S? (rated by BuzzFeed in 2015). Why would we be on 1stdibs as a top rated dealer in the country?

    One thing is clear, we will definitely NOT be using this person's services ever again and are contemplating legal action for defamation, libel and slander.

  • Al
      2nd of Jul, 2015
    -1 Votes

    You can clearly see how slick Shelly is here. She provides 4 pictures. Notice picture two shows no damage that isn't in the other pictures and picture 4 is angled in a way that you cannot see the top where the VERY MINOR damage is. WHERE IS THE "$650 IN DAMAGES"?? I like how the damages went from $200 to $300 to $650. LOL, WHERE???

    Also, thank you Shelly for admitting that YOU helped wrap the item in the store. That contradicts your other statement that it wasn't blanket wrapped. Try to keep your story straight. Don't forget we have pictures too.

    Shelly still can't read apparently. We agreed to "BLANKET WRAP" service. Shelly, open your uship account and go to the negative feedback we left you. There is a link to our contract. Click on that and you will see we NEVER agreed to "white glove". As a courtesy, we agreed to take it to your customer's 30th floor apartment. That courtesy ended after your hostile messages about calling police.

    Furthermore, I was in CONSTANT contact with your client. It really isn't smart to lie about that when I have all the phone calls and texts readily available to show.

    You were unprofessional, rude, and yes, a dirtbag. You clearly tried to hustle us. No one has been so unprofessional to me in this business before. Stop treating your drivers this way. I wasn't the first you had a problem with either. I'm pretty sure I won't be your last.

    "Defamation, Libel, Slander"? Be my guest.

  • Em
      30th of Jul, 2015
    +1 Votes

    The same shipper picked up my shipment (my entire household) in California on 6/7 and was supposed to deliver it to me in Ohio 6/13. He has never delivered it. He no showed three times and then went completely incommunicado and Uship refunded my payment to me. I had to file a theft report and after being visited by the Michigan state police he finally got in contact with me, said he had my goods and would deliver, and then didn't show up again. Net he demanded I put a money order into an account before he would show up, and when I tried to do that the bank account he'd given me was actually closed. Then he gave me someone else's name as an account and at that point I'd already left the bank and refused to deposit it into any other account. I told him I had the money order available and that he could pick it up when he delivered, but he refused and has told me he's taking my things back to California and is putting a lien on them. This was yesterday 7/29/15.

  • Em
      30th of Jul, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Also, according to the California state website Alphaversa, LLC is not supposed to be doing business in California for nonpayment of taxes. This is a matter of public record.

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