The Cover GuyDefective spa cover

We ordered a new hot tub lid for our spa through The Cover Guy after seeing their add on-line. We were told 4-6 weeks for delivery, which did not happen. Finally after 2 weeks over-due, my wife contacted the company and the cover was sent out immediately. We received the cover in June of 2014. Our hot tub ended up getting repairs for most of the summer and as a result was drained and not used. In late October I discovered that water had leaked through the cover after it had rained. The metal spines supporting the Styrofoam inside the protective liner had rusted. There was also a huge amount of water inside this liner. The water had leaked through the outer liner, into and through the inner liner and pooled amongst the Styrofoam thereby causing the metal supports to rust. I contacted The Cover Guy the first of November and was told they received our complaint. We did not hear back for over a week so we contacted them again. This time they asked for pictures of the issue, which we took and forwarded to them. Again we did not hear back until we had to send another message asking what the status was. On 25 Nov we were told that the warranty company, Prestige Spas, was given the information and would contact us. On 11 Dec, Prestige Spas contacted us stating that the damage was caused by chemicals in our spa. They claim this is not a warranty issue but because the lid was new they would repair it as long as we paid for the shipping of the cover to Florida. As the cost of shipping something that large from Ottawa, Canada to Florida is worth almost as much as the spa lid itself, I asked them to send us a new one and we would send back the old or simply refund our money. In no short terms they refused and are sticking to their claim of us paying for shipping. My advise is to avoid dealing with this company. Their claim to have the best warranty in the business is suspicious at best.

Jan 17, 2015

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