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I like Container Store no doubt about it, it has good durable goods. The stainless steel rack which I have taken a year back is still in good condition. But my cmoplaint is regarding their pricing strategy... Few days back I had been to their store in Natick, MA, I was looking for some good storage boxes for my granny (she is best comfortable with boxes, she's not worried about her stuff to get broken). The actual price given was $14 when the MP was $19. Ok so I was suppose to get $2 as discount so I carried two boxes and also took half a dozen hangers for me. Well, my calculation went wrong; they charged me for the MP and not the discounted price. I ask the lady to call her manager she took the defensive side and told that manager was on leave. After arguing for half an hour, she gave me two receipts, it was surprising that in one bill the discounted amount was printed and in other receipts the MP was printed. She took full amount of big priced items and gave discount on small priced items. I am sure she thrash discounted difference to her pocket!.. I do not trust their employees really, they are terrific.


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      May 07, 2010

    I shop at the Container store in Plano, Texas and the reason that I will no longer shop there is that I hate being followed around the store bothered by there pesky sales people. When you know what You need to buy and you are being followed by sales associates I think that's too much Customer Service. I almost needed a leash to walk the sale-guy because he would back off. I finally got fed up told him to stop following me and then Got the hell out of there.

    Container Store Plano Texas.
    By Collin Creek Mall.

    Hate this store.

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      May 07, 2010

    Why keep saying Container Store is terrific. You clearly got screwed. I know you're being sarcastic But I actually feel like you really like this store.

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      Aug 09, 2010

    Container Store is selling products containing BPA (Bisphenyl A, a carcinogen), and using bait and switch practices to sell the inventory. They'll tell you the product doesn't have BPA, but when you contact the manufacturer of the product, the manufacturer will acknowledge that the plastic does contain it. This is FRAUD! And the Container Store should not do this. It's bait and switch, it's illegal, it's unethical, and it's criminal. They're selling BPA plastic products that can harm you. And yet, they're trying to hide that fact. Do not shop at The Container Store. Find a reputable distributor. Shop at Walmart or Target or any other place. But don't shop at The Container Store. I will never shop there again! We must put stores that engage in criminal behavior out of business as soon as possible.

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      Jun 19, 2014

    Do they ever shipped backorder items. I been waiting waiting 2 weeks for my coat rack to ship and it looks like i be waiting another week at least.

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      Aug 25, 2016

    I was in your Austin store earlier today and had a dreadful experience. I went in to purchase two wire baskets and it took me over 20 minutes to check out. Other customers had the same experience. There were only two lanes opens, while there were 7-8 customers in each line. Every time we got close to checking out, they would close a register and make us switch lines. I watched the store manager, Laura, walk around the lines and do nothing…we not just nothing, she actually walk out with a customer with a small box to assist them…What?
    I am 65, and have to say this is the worst customer service I have experienced in any retail store.
    I can’t understand how a store manager can see exactly what is going on and not figure out how to resolve it. There were ample registers and workers in the store to provide adequate customer service; and yet she did NOTHING.
    I am totally disgusted with this experience and will not visit it ever again.
    If I have to have something, I may purchase it online…maybe.
    A disgusted customer,

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