The Brick / poor customer service and return policy

Coquitlam, BC, Canada
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I purchased a mattress and springbox from The Bricks. Within two weeks of receiving it, we were not satisfy with it and tried to return the mattress
/springbox; however, the receptionist informed us that they do not accept returns, only re-select. This was not mentioned to us when we bought the mattress, we were told that if we wanted to return we would be charge $100 for the mattress pickup. We tried to reach out to our salesperson, Jay, for clarifications but every time we called, we just got bunch of excuses of his absences: (1) he was off that day but they will give our contact number to him to call us back - still haven't received his call, (2) he was currently with a VIP and will call back - again, no callback, (3) he was out for lunch that day - and yes, no callback, and lastly (4) he was no where to be found - ... sounds fishy to me. I have been patiently waiting for answers or at least a callback but now I'm outrage with the customer service The Bricks has to offered. Once these people sell you their products, they don't help you afterwards... all they care about is their sales, not customers. All I wanted was a follow up, but obviously the Bricks is too busy scamming people and money. Never trust them!

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