The Brick / delivery conflict

Toronto, ON, Canada
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When we ordered the sofa, we were told that we cannot choose the specific delivery time of that day, which means one people must wait at home, we made several calls to customer service and tell them the earliest time we can schedule the elevator is 10 am, they said "the system schedules the time, there is nothing we can do"

OK. Fine.

We received a call one day before the delivery and were told they will come in the morning from 8-11, we said again that we can only use the elevator until 10, please come later than 10, they said they do not know if it is possible.

So unbelievably they came at 8:30.
And they left because the condo manager did not allow them to load, because the earliest time we can use the elevator is 10 am.


Then we made several calls to ask if they can come back later than 10.
What they said was sorry and they can schedule another delivery on a different day.
Here is the conversation:

Me: Are you able to come again today?
Delivery centre: No.
Me: So are you going to reschedule it
Delivery centre: Yes.
Me: That is interesting, will your computer still schedule 8-11 for this area?
Delivery centre: Yes.
Me: The earliest time we can use the elevator is 10 am, you will still come at 8 or 9, we still cannot get it.
Delivery centre: That's right
Me: Why waste your time?
Delivery centre: That is not my problem.
Me: Can I get a refund if I go pick it up? (BTW $89 delivery fee)
Delivery centre:No.

OK. Fine

I really regret buying there right now, delivery fee is expensive and the service is unbelievable upsetting .

Oct 17, 2018

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