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TFGI Friday's #1917. 6/6/2018 . Guest #20030. Server - Michael.
Arrived at lunch with 2 other friends. It was at very busy noon lunchtime but we only have one hour for lunch. We work in the offices next to the restaurant. I ordered a Million dollar salad with no chicken, no bacon, add shrimp. My salad arrived after both of my friends food. When it came to the table it had chicken on it and it was returned so that the chicken could be taken off. The server stated "I thought I asked for no chicken but I guess I didn't". He did not seem very concerned. The salad returned 5 minutes later. There was still a piece of chicken in the salad. Seriously?? I realized there was no dressing and waited for the server to return. Seven minutes later the server returned and I asked for dressing. Another 5 minutes went by before the dressing was brought to the table. In the meantime, my friends were finished with their lunch. I decided to take it to go as I did not have enough time remaining to eat at the restaurant. It took another 10 minutes to get our bills and pay. We arrived at 11:55 AM and did not leave until 1:20 PM. The time on the bill is 1:04 so it took 16 minutes just to wait to pay for a lunch I was not able to eat at the table. I now wish I would have left it as I am not really interested in eating it for dinner after my very poor experience. The server offered to talk to the manager but I don't believe he did as a manager never came to talk with me.
This was unacceptable all the way around. I would like a refund. My bill was $16.47

Jun 06, 2018

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