TGI Friday's / service/management

Cross County Shopping Center in Yonkers, NY. We arrived at 6:15pm enough time before Happy Hour is over on the weekdays. However, being that it was crowded it was understandable we had to wait for an hour. When we finally sat our waitress Pealoa walked past us several times without greeting us or placing our order. At this time it was 7:16pm and there was three other customers who arrived after us and was able to place an order before us. When we got the waitress attention asking can we order she stated "you guys looked confused so I wanted to give you more time". I thought the comment alone was unprofessional and also her tone was aggressive. She then walked off and still did not place our order. I then asked for the manager Desmond who look un-presentable in terms of attire and had stains of food on his mouth while talking to us. However, he did apologized for the wait and asked what did we want for free appetizer and soft drinks on the house. We order two ice teas and hot wings. Again we waited for another 20 minutes and nothing. I asked where was our appetizer and we was ready to place our order the manager did not come back and my boyfriend and I walked out. I never felt so much racism in my life. I wanted to report this incident because we was the only African American couple in that section and everyone else was white or Hispanic. Due to this horrific experience I will not be dining at this specific restaurant again and this is an embarrassment for all Fridays restaurant!

Apr 17, 2018

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