TGI Friday's / food

I don't know how to complain about one of the branches in Bahrain (Seef Mall Muharraq) so i am complaining here hoping my complaint reaches the concerned person. It is sort of acceptable for a mistake in the order, but to a level of feeding me a bloody steak even though I ordered it well done and serving it cold to the point of not being chewable and when I send it back and canceling my order seeing the waitress discussing it with the branch manager and no action taken from the manager, that is not acceptable in anyway in any book. You should be more selective on which branch manager to choose and to take customer complaints more serious. It's not the first time an issue happened to me while dining in Friday's but to fall to this level, this is a new standard of hospitality I have never been exposed to in any restaurant anywhere around the world, even hotdog stands.

Nov 18, 2017

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