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Tempur Mattress / bad service

1 United States

Me and my husband bought a 20cm Tempur mattress in =
July 2005 as we were assurred by the salesperson that it would give a =
really good nights sleep. Especially as I have had shoulder surgery and =
had recently had a fall and fractured a spinal fusion. The shop =
assistant made me lay on the bed for quite some time reassuring me that =
you do get used to it as it molds around your body. We thought this =
would be a good idea as our 11 yr Seally posturpeadic mattress was due =
to be replaced. As time went by I began to get noticibaly in the fact =
that I was in more pain than usual. I thought that it was just my =
injuries getting worse. My husband never got used to the mattress and =
found that he was getting aches from his shoulderto his neck and back =
and severe headaches, corrsponding with the time the new mattress =
arrived. As he had just been promoted at work to a manager's position we =
were putting this down to stress. He also would vomit violently every =
morning due to lack of sleep and would always complain how tired he was. =
I began to sleep in our recliner in the lounge room as the pain kept me =
awake all night. We decided to swap our old mattress, just this weekend, =
that our son was using and give him ours to try just to see if the =
mattress was the problem. For 2 nights we have slept without any sleep =
disturbances and my husband has woken up without any nausea. However our =
23yr old son has had 2 nights of no sleep and has taken 2 days off work =
as he is also feeling sick from sleep deprivation. He said he has never =
slept better when he was on our old mattress that we took back from him. =
I have notified the distibuters in Victoria Australia Ph:03 [protected], =
who told us to notify the store where it was purchased. She said they =
would send someone out to see that it was not faulty. But as we live =
3hrs inland from the store I don't know how this will be accomplished. I =
have looked at the mattress and find that the indentations bounce right =
back into place when you get off the bed. So therefore do not see it as =
a faulty mattress. We also purchased 2 pillows that we don't sleep on =
either as we get headaches. We have only just realised the problem was =
the mattress as it was sold to us as some super dooper new technlogical =
Nasa certified and recognised by Nasa. I guess gravity affects us more =
than we think as it may well work much better in space with =
I have notified the store and am awaiting there call back but just =
thought that you also need to know of our experience with this product. =
As we spent our all our money on furnishings and this mattress we are in =
no position to just throw it away. Because of the high cost of it =
initially you could even recoup half your money if you sold it.


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