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My contract was up with Telus and I ordered a new phone, over the phone, and added their Spark 15 bundle which advertised unlimited web browsing. I received my first bill since the change which had an extra $13 for browsing. I thought it was a mistake so I contacted Telus and was informed that I could only go to certain sites with the unlimited browsing and they could not tell me where I could not go.

After I found this out I asked them to switch me back to my old plan as I had no way of knowing if I would be charged for visiting a particular site. They did this and later in the day I noticed my call display was not working so I called back. I was extremely frustrated at this point and asked how much it would cost to cancel my contract and was told $680. I was not informed of their termination policy and when I asked the account manager when I was told he responded when I signed the contract which I did not do because it was all done over the phone.

This account manager was extremely rude and when I asked to speak to another rep because I could feel myself escalating he responded with 'if you would stop being snobby and obnoxious I can help you'. I could not believe he said that and when I asked him how saying that to me was going to help to de-escalate the situation he again said 'you are being snobby, rude and obnoxious'.

I was very frustrated when speaking to him, but at no time raised my voice, called him names or swore. It does not exactly give you a could feeling when you are a paying customer and call a business customer service line and get verbally abused by the staff. I am not young, but sound younger on the phone and the rep may have thought he could get away with that which is still inexcusable. I did not realize that adults called each other 'snobby' I do not even know how you would qualify that.

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  • Te
      Feb 08, 2009

    So, ur not new to the cell phone, so should know there is always a penalty if u wanna break the contacts, same with every other thing that require u sign a contract. so i dont see why u think they are scamming u.

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  • Li
      Apr 16, 2009

    Complete agree !!! Telus' services is so terrible !!! never ever use telus !!!

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