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Telus Mobility / extremely unhappy with telus

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I am a Mississauga, ON resident. I was with Telus for a year and a half. After that, in April 2006 I purchased a phone from a Telus Mobility Dealer in New Market, Ontario. One month later, the phone started to act up. It was a Motorola Razr phone. I could not hear anything out of the ear speaker on the phone. I took the phone back to the Telus mobility Dealer in New Market (Gorham Stree) and they told me that they have to send it to Motorola since it is a month and a few days old. They sure sent the phone to a Motorola service center which returned the phone saying that it was physical damage. Telus Mobility right away, took the loaner back and told me to basically take the loss. To fix the phone .. it was 500 dollars which is more than the purchase price. I wrote a letter to Telus Mobility on june 4, 2006 and waited and waited but no one contacted me. I called and they said that if I sent it, then they will call. I confirmed by sending it again on June 18, 2006. I waited until Mid July and contacted the Consumer protection bureau and filed a complaint. I canceled with Telus and went over to Bell Mobility and asked a question to all other wireless companies... they all said we would have just given you a new phone. My complaint to consumer protection went to a very helpful lady who contacted Telus Mobility. I get a call shortly after offering me a phone in exchange with me signing another contract. I waited two months after my initial letter to telus before I went to another wireless company. I am already with Bell. Telus did not offer me a solution and the guy I spoke to kept saying that they (TELUS) are not responsible for their phones. That person called me to make things worse and not to rectify anything. he wanted me to sign another contract and ignoring my demand to cancel my service. I am EXTREMELY unhappy with telus and would not EVER recommend them to any of my family, friends, colleges or business partners. They are only after making money and never after customer relations. Their customer service was so bad that they hung up on me twice. Funny how they always end with "we appreciate your business" but never actually do. I did not damage that phone which I had for one month. I researched on the net and found that the MOTOROLA RAZR is known to have the internal flex cable problem (same that I have) but MOTOROLA does not want to take the loss for their problems with the RAZR as I hear on the news and on discussion groups.

I do not recommend TELUS MOBILITY to anyone, nor I recommend any MOTOROLA PHONES to anyone. These two companies are only after your money and care less if you are happy or not... TRUST ME... I am an unhappy, unsatisfied previous customer of both and would NEVER go back !

I am going to the the Marketplace: CBC underdogs with this and hope to tell the whole country of my experience. Telus Mobility will care when masses of people leave ONLY because they lose money... not customers!

Thank You for reading,

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  • Je
      4th of Dec, 2006
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    This month (December 2006) is my last month with Telus on a 3-year cell phone contract. Aside from *generally* minor difficult customer and technical service issues throughout this contract, I have recently experienced two big issues with the company.

    Summer (June?) 2006:
    I have CONSISTENTLY been generating $70-80 monthly phone bills. Summer of 2006 I received an unusually high phone bill of over $175. Reviewing the list of calls attached to the month's bills, I realized I was being charged for phone calls made between 6&8 pm. Upon purchase of my phone and contract three years ago, I signed up for Extended Evenings (free evenings to begin at 6pm for an additional $5/month). Apparently, as told by customer service, this package addition was not listed in my account information, nor was there any proof that I had EVER had it. However I had bills to counteract that claim so I was reimbursed the charges. HOWEVER this still means that either Telus' system mysteriously erased that option from my account on its own, or someone else besides me received access to my account and removed the extended evenings.

    December 2006:
    I have just received another unusually high bill of $200. My statement claims that I used 830 daytime minutes (I have 350 daytime minutes free) and only 34 evening minutes for the whole month. I reviewed my call list and it does indeed list an excessive amount of daytime phone calls. HOWEVER, I work Mon-Fri during the day and have designated break times at work– one day, for example, showed two 25 & 30 minute phone calls as taking place during my work day and not during these break times. I advised Telus (both a CSR and a supervisor) that this was impossible, as I am never allowed to spend such excessive time on my phone during my work period. They checked with their technical team and advised me that this same call information was what their towers reflected. I acknowledged that it was my word against theirs but that I was absolutely sure that these phone calls were recorded improperly, that bills from the entire three years would show consistent time usage for daytime and evening periods. I told them of the previous billing problem I’d had in the summer and advised them that due to the instability of their service and unacceptable billing situations such as this, I would not be renewing my contract at the end of this month. The supervisor told me that there was nothing he WOULD do for me, UNLESS I agreed to sign onto another 3-year contract. I advised him that I would not be bribed into being a customer and he attempted to push the offer on me three more times, repeating the fact that he had the ability to reimburse me on some of the charges solely upon my contract renewal for another 3 years. I refused and let him know I would be leaving the company as a very unsatisfied customer. I am now left to pay this $200 bill filled with charges I know for a fact are not warranted but unfortunately cannot prove otherwise.

    I will not be recommending Telus services to anyone, and I am weary of both their customer service and technical tactics. This is not the first time I have been misled/misinformed/had my account tampered with somehow.

  • Ph
      12th of Jan, 2007
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    Totally agree. Telus Customer Service is horrible. I signed up back in Sept/2006. Two days after signing up, I started receiving unwanted spam from some caller named "Leo" the # associated with this Leo was 6245. That's it. I went to the Telus kiosk where I signed up and told them about the spam I was getting and asked if they could get it blocked.

    I was told they couldn't. I let it slide for a little while since I wasn't getting charged for it. I was receiving the spam every single day. November, it got annoying enough that I called it in and was advised to reply to this Leo with the words "STOP". I complied. They told me I might have to do it more than once. I did it for 3 days and it still didn't stop. All he did was take down my complaint. I was charged .60 for text messaging in November. A small amount, but still not something I had incurred. I called in the SAME problem again and the CSR I spoke to was unable to help me once again. When I signed up, I received 2 months of free text messaging ... probably why I never got charged!

    I received my December bill, and was charged $4.35. When I check my daily data usage, I can see that every single day for the month of December, I was charged 0.15 for every text msg I got from this person. I called in on January to see if I could get the charges reversed and to see what my options were about getting this stopped.

    They said they'd try blocking all incoming emails. I asked if this didn't work what my other options were:

    1) Get a new number at MY charge
    2) File a harassment complaint at the police station
    3) Stop receiving and sending any text messages altogether

    I refused to consider #1, why should I pay for something that wasn't my fault? I told them if I had to, I'd go with option 3. Two days later, I haven't received any text msg, yet, from Leo. I called in to let them know it might have worked and asked if I could have the $4.35 removed. I was told NO. They don't reverse charges for premium services - that means "the client had to sign up for it in order to receive it". I kept telling her no, I did not sign up for the service. I don't know how he got my number. The only person who had my number when I started receiving the messages was my sister. She kept telling me that I had to have signed up for the stupid service, that I must have sent in a msg asking for the spam. I know #s are recycled and asked her if it was possible the person who used it might have subscribed to it? She said yes, but before the #s are reused, everything associated with it is removed. I guess there's no possibility that there's wrong with their foolproof system 'cause I must be imaging the spam I'm receiving!

    My question to TELUS is this: If I had wanted the spam from Leo, why would I haved called to try and get it STOPPED months ago?! Gosh, they must think I'm stupid. I am never signing up with Telus again and will tell my friends to stay away!


    A Very Dissatisfied Customer.

  • Ph
      12th of Jan, 2007
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    By the way, I know it's just $4.35. That's not the whole purpose of my rant! You don't tell your customer that what's happened is their own fault, especially when they've told you specifically that they never signed up for the spam service! You take down their complaint, tell them you'll forward their concerns to the appropriate people and have them look into it. Ask them to call back. Even if nothing can be done, at least I would have felt that yeah, she really did care about helping me resolve my problems. All I got was, "you signed up for that service, the only way you could have gotten those messages was if you signed up for it." She wasn't willing to consider that there might have been something wrong. Thanks again for your customer disservice!

  • Vi
      21st of Mar, 2007
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    I had an account with Telus Mobility that was not satisfactory--the first phone was a lemon and the bills kept rising. However, in 2004 I signed a new contract with them because I didn't want to lose my phone number. I signed a contract for two years. After one year I left Canada and I paid for the remaining year of my contract. The agent then claimed I had signed a contract for three years and she threatened to send my account to a collection agency. I found the receipt and confirmed that the receipt said two years. The agent was able to locate the receipt in the Telus system. She confirmed that the receipt indicated a two-year of contract. Nevertheless, she said that ultimately the error was the vendor's but that I was liable. I refused to pay for the year. She accused me of not reading my contract (which at that time was in storage in Canada). I located the original contract and the contract is very clearly for two years. I have the original.

    After unbelievable bills, poor reception and this kind of unrepentant billing error I strongly recommend against doing any business with this company.

  • Am
      3rd of Aug, 2007
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    Where do I even begin with my four years of being a customer with Telus?? Here's a short but sweet version.

    I started out a small business as a 22 year old woman with almost no credit in the city of Calgary and had tough times getting started for the first year. During this time Telus really had me by the neck (in a contract, which by the way is telus's excuse to treat you badly - wait until you don't have a contract and see how the attitudes change!), so even thought the payments did make it through every month, at times I'd have to round up every last penny to give them sometimes a few dollars short to make up the month after, being that I was struggling, never did it get out of hand, but rest assured, my phone would get cut off for one day, month after month. One day I decided to speak on human terms with a manager at telus to what my concerns were, and how I could resolve this issue until I was more financial stable. He was kind and generous, and I was pleased when I got off the phone as he wanted to take it into account that my bills were high and thatas long as I were keeping up to date like i was, he would make a note to keep from cutting me off, and that as long as I made a payment in two weeks, that would be fine. Three days later? Guess what, my phone was once again cut off, the rep was rude would not let me speak to that particular manager, and told me that I would not be able to use the phone again until paid in full. I went to borrow money from friends that day as I had no choice.

    The last three years I've had no problem paying my bills up to date, and haven't had much contact with telus except for their extremely kind gestures to get me, "a platinum customer" to sign another contract. I stayed with them for a year and switched to Bell, and when I almost forgot about all the miscommunication and rudeness from Telus, they shocked me again. When the final bill was due, Telus sent the invoice to my address and off to Collections at the same time. Not surprised by their behavior I mentioned my concern to an agent at CBV collections who said, "Yup, they are very well known for that, we all know here that they are a bad company that way, and you have made a good decision by going with Bell." Watch out telus customers, hopefully you will leave as I did - just pay your last bill in advance., because they won't give you any time to pay.

  • Sa
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    LOL you mean you didn't care about paying your last bill with telus since you had gone to the other company so you ignored it until it went to collections. With these things everything is automated, here, people seem to take things so personally. They can't just send you to collections fast because it was your last bill. I hear what you're saying, I did the same thing but it took them a few months to put it through to collections, I've been with Bell awhile but I'm going back to telus next month because Bell is more expensive/crappy.

  • Gu
      19th of Mar, 2009
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    I chose Telus' $20 for 200 minute plan in a 3 year contract (and a Motorola Razr2 PCS phone). I also agreed to try out some additional options like web access and text messaging knowing that each time "I used those options" there would be a charge but I wanted these options in case I needed to download updates from the web or if I wanted to send a text message. Unknown to me, simply by agreeing to have web access, Telus took it upon themselves to send my phone web update requests so each time I used my cell phone, it would check the web for updates and simply by agreeing to text messaging, Telus decided to send me daily informational text messages each of which cost me an additional $1.00. I was not a heavy cell phone user but I typically used my phone 3 or 4 times a month and I never sent a text message or checked the web myself but my monthly bills were close to $70.00 for this $20/200 plan. That is gouging the customer.

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