Telkom / underground cable fault

Pretoria, South Africa
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To whom it may concern:

We have logged a fault with telkom on 01 august 2016, regarding our business line as well the adsl line. Ref no 136crz010816.
A technician was sent out on 01 august 2016, who checked the lines and informed us this was an underground cable problem, and that he has handed it over to the relevant department. Thank you charles for your prompt service. After numerous calls to the call center to find out what the progress on this fault is, a technician (From an outsourced company) finally arrived on 15 august 2016, checked the lines and again informed us that is an underground cable fault and they don't deal with this, they will report it to the relevant department. We received a message to inform us the problem has been resolved. It has not been resolved. We reported the same fault again on 16 august 2016, ref no: 381crz160816. The problem still has not been resolved. Again charles was sent out to investigate, and again charles has informed us that it is still the underground cables that are faulty. Again charles was here within hours of logging the fault... The relevant underground cable technicians still have not been here.

As we are a plumbing business we rely on our phone lines for business, and it has now been 3 weeks that we are not receiving calls therefore business is standing still.

Kindly provide us with any contact details for anybody that can help speed up the process of getting this sorted out.

Contact: angie on [protected] or [protected].

Kind regards,

Aug 18, 2016

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