Telkom / telkom cannot seem to fix the landline numbers coming to our business address

Germiston, South Africa
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21 November 2016 our business telephone lines went out of order. I reported them with the following reference numbers. Line [protected] Ref : 1079CRZ211116, Tel [protected] Ref : 75CRK211116, Tel [protected] Ref 1189CRZ21116. The date now being 1 February 2017, after 2.5 months and numerous follow ups and escalations with more reference numbers we are nowhere closer to getting these lines fixed. How can a business stay in business without telephones ?? Today I followed up and to my surprise, the Telkom lady tells me that the ref: 75CRK21116 had been cleared in December, but two days ago it was open. She said that there was no one I could speak to and that all they can do is escalate the problem. I am at a total loss...We cannot speak to someone in authority that can efficiently deal with the problem. I guess the only way is to go on social media and maybe somebody in authority would be able to see the complaints and assist. A very sad situation.

Feb 1, 2017

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