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Gauteng, ZA

Currently been having telkom problems since 28 of August 2017. The problem reported in the 28 Aug 2017 was resolved 26 October 2017. Since then oneards every Friday I loose connection. Wednesday they repuar the line. Friday same problem again. Last problem was 10 November and since then I had no connection the firts technician came 27 Nov 2017. Still waiting for him to return. Hello Peter complaint dint work. Customer line cant assist. And there is ni escalation process. In the meantime we are being billed as the office cannot reverae transactions if the problem is still open. The last technician plugged my router ditectly into the line and not trough the power supply with electical cover so all my appliance works but now above everything my router was hit by lightning and ni one can help or give answers. So we vex here but when will the matter be resolved mine is now 3 months and going and it is just getting worse.

66CTK28082017 / 523CTK271017/ 284CTK061117/260CTK131117. Still no line still open. And today is the 29 Nov 2017


Nov 29, 2017

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