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Pretoria North, ZA
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On 04/03/2017 I applied for a telkom business line at Telkom Wonderpark. I was promised it would take 7days to process the application and installation. They could not offer me an ADSL line and therefore I was given an option to take the wireless service. The sales person who helped me the called me the next day on 05/03/2017 to alert me that I need to come in-store asap because he forgot to let me sign a portion of the application. On 06/03/2017 I went in-store to sign. I received an sms that my application was approved on the 10/03/2017 and that I must make a deposit for R700 which I did the same day. On the 15/03/2017 I received a call from the sales person from telkom alerting me that they cannot find a wireless devise that I had applied for and that the only thing he can do for me right now is to give me a simcard which I must use with my own cellphone!!!

I am not happy with this service because of the following reasons:

7 days had lapse before I could get a correspondence of what is happening with my application.

I applied for this line for business purposes which means my business cannot do any form of communication.

The sales person was rude and actually imposing that I must accept the simcard without the devise. My application was for a business line not a simcard.

When I asked to speak to the store manager the sales person told me that the manager was going to tell me the same thing and said the manager was too busy to talk to me.

I am very frustrated as I have been waiting for this business line for more than two weeks now.

My ID Number: [protected]

Mar 15, 2017

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