Telkom SA SOCwifi router

In December 2015 a sales consultant came to my work place and offered the staff Telkom packages I took a wifi router, but when I received it I was struggling to connect the router after 6 months of querying and back and forth battling the contract was eventually cancelled. Telkom refunded me my monies in June 2016, during the whole dispute process the debit order were still running as I did not want to be black listed. in August 2016 a debit order was put through on my account. upon enquiry I was told it was monies I owed to tellkom, when I asked for exactly what I was not given a proper answer. I returned the debit order, this has been going on since august in December I received a call from nudebt stating that if I don't make payment I will be blacklisted. when I contacted Nudebt to explain what is going on they told me I must contact Telkom. I have a case number from Telkom I was told that until my query is investigated I will not be harassed for the payment and yet up until today I am still being harassed. this is ridiculous. can some one please assist

Jan 25, 2017

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