Telkom SA SOC / wi-fi lte data usage/information unavailability

South Africa

We have been having problems with our wi-fi LTE since we bought it. Last year, the data finished very quickly, quite early in the month. When we complained to a Telkom techcical consultant, he said he himself had the same problem, that the system was updating itself using our data and that telkom was investigating it.
I also had the opportunity to speak on SAFM about this issue with Sakina Kamwendo and discovered I was not the only one having this problem...
Funny enough, for a couple of months, the data lasted us well into the month.
From January this year, with not much changed from our side, our data finishes around the 10th-15th of the month and we spend fortunes buying bundles.

When we enquired from Telkom shops, we discovered that they cannot give us a print out of our usage. We do not have any access to this information to see what and when our data disapears to be able to establish what is really happening.

Earlier in our contract, I had enquired from the call center and was told that after 6 months we could up the monthly data and pay a little bit more monthly.
This option does not exist anymore and now our only solution is to upgrade and pay over R1000 rands for the d-link we have and that we will not use.
It is a total rip-off!
It is inconceivable that as users we cannot see or get hold of information on what we "consume" and when!

We lodge a complaint on 29 April 2017 (ref [protected]). We received on 02 May 2017 that it was resolved, without any contacts or feed-back from telkom.

as consumers, we want to know what is happening to the data we are paying for every month and want answers from Telkom as to why our data is used so rapidly.

May 13, 2017

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