Telkom SA SOC / unfair treatment and handing over of account

centurion, ZA
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In the beginning Oct 2016 there were sales executives who came to my workplace offering Telkom wifi, since I was always keen but never had the time I signed up for the wifi fibre package of 699pm. I was told the fitment would take about a month. on the forms I signed I also signed a debit order authorization giving Telkom authority to debit my account and also supplying them with my 3 months bank statements. I have been an existing customer with Telkom for about a year now as I also took an ipad with them which I am debited for monthly. to my surprise 6 weeks later I have not heard anything from them I still did not have the wifi. I then started calling and demanding that they send a tech to do fitments. techs came but told me they is an issue with cables and until that is resolved they cannot successfully activate my wifi. I kept on calling to follow up and to put pressure to have the problem resolved, eventually after threating and telling them to cancel they sent another tech for the 3rd time to assist, who was eventually able to successfully do the installation. this was done on the 25th of Nov, I got home, tried to use the internet and it was not working. i called him to understand why it was not working and he said he will come back the following day to activate it but never did, i did not have a landline yet so i manage to get one on the 29th so that i could call in for the activation myself. i then enquired with the consultant that i am worried i was going to be billed for the month of Nov yet i have hardly used the services, he said i would need to wait for the billing to be processed before i could dispute the billing. i kept using the wifi from then onwards until it was cut off during Feb, i then got a call from a lady informing me that my Telkom account has been handed over as it's overdue and we need to arrange payment arrangements. this came as a shock to me, i said i would need to speak to Telkom before discussing anything further with her. i called Telkom and was informed that i have not been making payment hence my account was handed over, how is this possible as i signed a debit order authorization, supplied my 3 months bank statements, i am an existing customer, i was never contacted either via email, phone or sms to be informed about this non payment but my account is handed over and my credit profile affected negatively. is this the way Telkom does business? no one can explain why they have no been debiting me to begin very upset and disappointed with the way this was handled, i am a financial advisor and cannot have any bad references in my name, should my employer find out about this i will be dismissed from my position and will hold Telkom fully responsible for being so negligent. i called Telkom again and asked to be sent a statement via email so that i can make a cash payment, to my surprize i have been billed a fully month for the month of Nov which I'm in total disagreement with, i have also been billed a full month for Feb and for March. the wifi was deactivated mid Feb and never used the whole of March, i demand that i am sent a true reflection of what i used thoroughout so that i can make payment and get this behind me, Telkom needs to make sure that they remove my name from their bad records and on itc and send written confirmation of that. i am still waiting for feedback since i have submitted a dispute, this is urgent and needs to attended to urgently.

Mar 18, 2017

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