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Good day!

A month ago I had a telephone call from the Call Center of Telkom. The lady offered me to change our internet speed from 20 mbps to 40 mbps. Before I agreed to do that I asked her about the price. She told me that if I cut off from my account the "free calls" (I assume this is the Telkom Anytime Extra), the difference will be minimal but she never gave my any figures. She gave me the e- mail address where I can cancel the "free calls" from my landline. I sent an e- mail with my request. Nobody replied to my e- mail and now I can see that I still have to pay for my "free calls" that I do not use.

Not only that. We have only 2 computers at home. We do not download anything from the internet- like movies, music, etc. I watch European TV. Since we changed to 40 mbps there is no difference in the quality of the internet. I have the feeling that I have to pay for something that hasn't been changed.

My requests are to:
1) cancel the "free calls" from my landline.
2) to change back to 20 mbps for my fiber internet.

If this is not the right place to ask for that, please advise where and how to get help. It is always impossible to reach the right people at Telkom when I have any problems either with the fiber, or with the landline, or with my contract.

Kind regards,
Mariola Kirova

May 04, 2017

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