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We have a number of Contracts with Telkom. Firstly the woman who phoned me in December to promote this big special gave the wrong information. She advised a contract where we receive 15gigs anytime and 15gigs I took two of the contracts. I have a contract now of 500mb on each. How is this justified? She sold me the wrong contracts completely. I left it and have paid huge bills - just to have shocking connectivity. The one SIM card displays that I have 30' Minutes yet I cannot make phone calls at all or send sms's yet I am shown to have sms's. The other number I am luckily able to make phone calls but the network is so bad I cannot successfully get through a call without the line breaking up or being disconnected. It's shocking - firstly I was sold the wrong contracts - supposedly 15gigs but it's 500mb - so now I have to buy extra data all the time...added to that one SIM card doesn't work properly. The other one the network is so bad it's a frustration just making a call. How does Telkom justify this service ? Salespeople selling incorrect contracts/giving the incorrect information, as well as horrific signal and functions that don't even work, I want immediate cancellation of my contracts, I refuse to pay penalties for such shocking service.
Please Advise.

Jul 25, 2018

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