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I have been calling Telkom for the past 6 months regarding a double billing on my account to no avail. I signed up for a 20gb LTE package and later decided to upgrade to a 30gb package as the 20gb simple was too little for the month.

After calling Telkom to upgrade my package I was now billed for both the 20gb and the 30gb. Attempts to fix this situation have proved fruitless.

Last month I wrote a cancellation letter /form and each time I called to check if it was received i was told to wait for 22 working days. Its been now over a month and I called today 10 May and i was told my cancellation has not been received.

I even went to Cresta branch two weeks and the person I spoke to told me the manager was not in the office but he would call me on Monday...needless to say...Dololo.

I am told that they tried to call me and they couldn't get hold of me. I wonder why there were calling because I had them on the line today but they had nothing to tell me -- so exactly what is it they were trying to get hold of me to tell me. ?

Please I just want to cancel my contract completely and just come out of this relationship with my sanity.

HELP someone please !!! I need to cancel my contract and get my refund.

May 10, 2017

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