Telkom SA SOCtelkom line faulty in over a year

I have put up with this telkom since I started using them. Never had good experience to say well done. I am paying each month more than my normal installment to make sure I do what they ask.
I have been struggling for more than a year with my internet. Logging faults, no one phoning you when they come to your house, no arrangements, faults closed before anyone even phoned me or no one even at my house to test.
The list is long but my internet gets worse every month. Now it is at a point where my internet keeps going of and on sometimes for a day.

Last year (2017), to "underground technicians came to my house and tested my line and figured out after months of struggling with telkom, that our cable close to the exchange, is severely damaged and need to be replaced. They said it will be done. It never happened.

Telkom keep sending technicians and never do they realize that the same house is having the same problems. Just sending technicians to waste my time and their's as well.

Our internet is going of quite a few times in some days. My wife had very expensive studies to complete but lost interest due to TELKOM! Telkom is costing me a lot of money. I use the internet for my one pleasure and for work. Unfortunately we need telkom for the line otherwise I would long time ago forgotten about them.

No help from telkom.

Mar 25, 2018

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