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To Whom It May Concern

I received a call from a legal department or company regarding the outstanding amount for my Telkom landline as the last payment was in November 2016. I very annoyed and upset as I have been emailing Telkom for credit for the past 5 months regarding no service from 13/04/16 to 10/06/16, I’ve received acknowledgement emails from [protected] after trying on multiple occasion to raise the query with Telkom. This email address was provided after I had emailed numerous Telkom areas, I have tried to chat to Telkom agents via the website option however the system either times out or closes as no agent is available. I tried following on my credit query via email since November 16 as I had not received the credit but no response, I have logged a complaint via the website about the lack of response or action relating to my query. I called into 10210 after I received the call from the Telkom legal this afternoon only to find out there is no recent query logged on the system, the agent has now logged a query Ref:[protected].

Please attached email relating to my request as well as responses received from Telkom, I'm trying to understand how over the past +- 4-5 months that my query had not been logged. Im disappointed in the service and the response and will take to social media and Hello Peter to voice my concerns and complaints, I have logged complaints with Telkom but there no response or action there as well but Telkom is quick to contact me if outstanding for a 1 month or more yet Telkom takes +- 4-5 to resolve a credit query.


Jan 20, 2017

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