Telkom SA SOC / telkom landline and adsl faulty

I logged a call on Thursday 2 March. Both my ADSL and Landline is faulty.
Only reply I get is "sorry for the inconvenience" and that a technician has been assigned.
Today is the 13th of March and despite several tweets, phone calls and sms I have not heard back from ONE single person.

I work from home and needless to say, I am toast as my cellphone reception in the area is very bad.

I think if you look at my calls log over the past year, you will find that my line is more down than working. I have ordered fiber in my area (definitely not Telkom) and will cancel all my services as soon as my fiber is installed.

I cannot begin to describe the amount of frustration at the moment. This happens every month!

[protected] landline number and the Reference number is: 1226CRK020317

But hey, this will probably also be ignored!

Mar 13, 2017

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