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Johannesburg, South Africa
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We have a capped data usage of 20gb at a cost of r429. The last two months we have received a bill in excess of this amount. I called to query this and have the amount additional costing reversed
1) I was on the call for over 45 minutes and was waiting to be transferred to a manager after holding for 10 minutes I eventually had to put down the phone as the call centre consultant was unable to assist
2) I was advised that there is a 20gb cap and then a r500 cap for the data, I wanted the r500 cap removed as this makes no sense when I can purchase uncapped data for r799 per month with yourselves. This was never agreed on when the contract was taken out.
3) we have never been advised that there is a cash limit of r500
4) according to the consultant we are supposed to receive an sms when the data usage reaches its limit, which we do not get.
5) the call centre consultant was aggressive in his handling of the query.
6) so at the end of the day, my query has not been solved, my limit of 20gb has not been put into place

Feb 6, 2017

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