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Good day Telkom
Please see this as final attempt to sort out this problem before I escalate this.
Since October 2017 we have had no/interrupted Service due to stolen cables in our area.

After numerous attempts to sort out this matter we were told by Telkom that they were no longer replacing cables and that I should cancel my Account and use different service provider.
Received monthly Credits due to non-service that did not help the situation at all.

Tried to cancel by sending cancellation form to no avail, did it online in May this year and cancelled whatever was offered to cancel.

To date, a year later I have been debited and receive bills every month for a service I did not have (could not have!)

I have been to your store numerous times, I have spoken to your call center often and have received nothing but empty promises.

If you want proof or references I have kept them all, if this is not sorted soon I will initiate the legal route and escalate to various other channels/institutions, ie.Icasa, Ombudsman, even willing to escalate to Carte Blanche.
I have cc'd my legal rep. to start a proper paper trail. Note this is starting to cost money now!


Account [protected]

Martin Hoberg

C. +[protected]

Dec 04, 2018

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