Telkom SA SOCtelkom adding other peoples' phone bills on my account.

i have been having this problem for over a year now and this is the last straw.

i have an ADSL line with telkom which i am supposed to pay R950/month. Firstly my account was paid up in October, then the bill for Novermber was R1600 which i raised with them, December now they sent me a bill for R3000. i called the call centre and lodged a complaint and they told me they were 2 mobile numbers that were connected to my account and this i was not aware of. They gave me a reference number ********** 1 for the query. After the investigation i spoke to a call centre agent who advised me the error was fixed and i should pay the R960 that i was supposed to pay monthly.

Today i went to Telkom to pay the account and they said i must pay R3000 and no dispute was lodged or resolved but i spoke to a call centre agent who assured me it had been rectified. They keep overcharging me and adding 2 cellphone bills on my landline. i only have an ADSL contract contract but they charge me for 2 cellphone numbers which i have never applied for or even used. This fraud has been happening to me almost every month and i am worried they do this to a lot of clients who do not query their inflated bills. my landline number is with the query is ********** 625. i need urgent help here, this is so frustrating and its not right. the agent says she can see the error but sha cannot do anything about it. What is this?

Jan 25, 2017

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