Telkom SA SOCtelephone line plus adsl line not working

Good day

Complaint for Mr PA Gibson account [protected]

We have been waiting since last year November for our ADSL line to be sorted out. They have come and said that it was sorted but needed to contact help line to reset Modem which I did for 4 hours as they couldn't get the line to connect. They then said problem was with the line and that they would report it right away on the system and I asked how long will this take as we had already been down for 3 weeks and they said because it was a repeat complaint they would act faster. We now have no line or ADSL and I have 2 old people who are at home who are sickly and this has now become beyond a joke almost 2 months with no network plus I signed up for Showmax and have now been paying for 2 month and not been able to use it.

Please can we get someone to come and sort this out urgently

Warm Regards

Mr PA Gibson

Jan 11, 2017

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