Telkom SA SOCreceived adsl line instead of optical fibre from telkom and given no advice.

Is this how Telkom operates: Charles was the technician and came to my house. He did the connections however when asked how to set up further he refused to.assist further and.suggested " get in touch with the tv people" after he left I cudnt operate my tv, my.dvd player...preventing me from having to watch dvd movies. He installed the adsl line but didnt help with regards to my smart tv password which was not even accepted which meant I had to reset the password and that also didnt work. [protected]@4. Contact on the 10210 number - no help either. Absolutely poor service. No product knowledge to me the customer. He just installed and.left me.with no further assistance. This no choice.but to repudiate any contractual agreement with telkom since.I am now.paying.for an adsl line instead.of a fibre connection.

Apr 30, 2017

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