Telkom SA SOC / payment not located resulting in my service being deactivated

Johannesburg, South Africa
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I have been back and forth with Telkom customer Services for the past week.

I made a manual payment on the 1st of May 2017 for a contract mobile device I have with Telkom.

To my surprise I received an sms stating that my account is overdue and I should make payment within 48hrs.

I then went into Telkom, Canal Walk, Cape Town and spoke with Melissa who then requested my POP which was gladly forwarded to herself via email. She then sent in to Telkom and said that they will get their billing department to change the status on my account.

I thought my problems had been resolved, only to find the very next day that i received an sms saying my account is overdue and that I should make payment within 48hrs.

I then decided to contact Telkom customer care on their email [protected] & [protected] and I have been lied to, manipulated and mislead with each and every interaction being with a new representative.

I was told that the billing department would have my problem assessed and resolved within 72hrs. I then received another sms later the following week, (note 72hrs has lapsed by now) and the sms said your case ref:[protected] is being attended to on Wednesday the 10th May @ 11:05.

At 12:06 the same day, i receive an sms saying that my account is overdue and that I need to make payment within 48hrs.

I had then thought this must be a mistake in receiving the sms and ignored it. To my surprise I receive another sms the Friday saying that I need to make a payment as my account is overdue @ 08:19.

By 08:53 my service was suspended due to none payment. You can imagine that by now I am fuming.

I then went into Telkom, Canal Walk, Cape Town again and spoke with Melissa once more and she said that she cannot understand why they have not rectified this yet.

She showed me the email sent to Telkom on the 2nd of May with my POP and said that she would send it once again.

My issue I am having is that I had to spend unnecessary petrol costs driving up and down trying to sort out an issue that Telkom created itself. Ontop of that I am now unable to contact my fiance who is pregnant expecting me to arrive to take her to an appointment at the hospital regarding the health and delivery of our child.

This whole dispute has caused me not just inconvenience, but has now dragged my pregnant fiance into matters and even the health and well being of our unborn child.

This is not the first time i've had an ordeal with Telkom, however the first time I ignored it as human error is natural.

This time however I am not allowing Telkom to cause myself any further distress and just blatant disrespect. I would like to have this matter resolved and I would like compensation from Telkom for petrol costs, distress caused to myself and my fiance and for the time taken from my work to pursue this matter which should have been done by Telkom customer service, which to me is unbelievably incompetent.

I look forward to a speedy resolution.

Kind regards

May 13, 2017

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