Telkom SA SOCorder cancelled without my permission and I already paid for services

Hi i'm jason
A few weeks back in december, I called in to set up a wifi uncapped service for my home, the lady that assisted me, was nokubonga masondo, she sounded very nice, but that's what we get paid to do, her product knowledge sounded up to standard but wasn't really, after waiting for 30 minutes and talking to her for an hour we finally set up the internet connection, but she didn't inform me of the waiting period of 21 day before installation, so the first week in january I called in again, and some one else, whose name is now no where to be found, spoke to me, that person actually told me that it takes 21 days and had abit of a attitide problem, so the friendly person I am, I agreed and said it's find, she also informed me that I should count from order date, 21 days, then i'll see when they will install the router, by my calculation, the 21 days is over on 16 january, so today on 16 january I call them again, spoke to yet another person, who was actually really trying to assist me, how ever she then told me my order was cancelled, there is no reason why, and now no one can explain what happend which I feel is so irratating, we placed my order again and now I should wait another 21 days

Really unhappy about the service I received after I already paid my r700 deposit fee in december a day after the order, I really need the services currently and now they don't even want to make some kind of plan to assist me faster, and it was because for someone's incompetancy that works for them that I have this problem now

Coz i'm considering mweb

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