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Cape Town, South Africa
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I joined debtsafe last year October, I entered telkom as one of my creditors and the review was accepted by telkom advising to convert my number to prepaid as contract was being cancelled prematurely because debt is being paid off by debtsafe, telkom received the request to convert my number but up until today I am still waiting on my number, this number is being used for job purposes and everything is registered using this number my life is on hold yet telkom is receiving their money as per agreement . No one is taking ownership at all below is my recent interaction with telkom and I'm still not assisted
Roxanne Diegaardt (RL)

Apr 24 (3 days ago)

to me

Good Day Yolisa.

Hope this mail finds you well.


Roxanne Diegaardt
Customer Service

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Yolisa Jakavula

AttachmentsApr 24 (3 days ago)

to Nadia, yvette, Roxanne
Hello Roxanne

Please find attached Acceptance from telkom and payment plan
please also find screen shot of payment now can I please get my number unsuspended
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Yolisa Jakavula Apr 25 (2 days ago)
Hello Roxanne any update on this ??
Yolisa Jakavula

10:36 AM (21 hours ago)

to Roxanne
Hello Roxanne its over 48 hours now and yet i have no update coming from Telkom or you if I don't have an update by close of business today I will be taking this further and the focus will be with your dishonesty.

Response on this was :
Official business reply:

Good day Yolisa,

We have logged and sent your query to our Collections Team for further assistance, k feedback will follow.

Your reference number is [protected].

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.



Telkom Social Media Team

it has been 3 weeks now nothing has been done about this

I dont know what to do know i need this to be actioned as soon as possible .

May 19, 2017

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