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My landline is not working for over a week from 17 February 2018 until today 26 February 2018 .
The Telkom SA consultant told me everyday when I phone everyday that the problem was still not escalating to a technician and the complaint has not been given attention .
The number I have been dialing to file for faults is 10210
The reference number of the fault reporting is 54ATK170218 and the escalation number is 1081351

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    My landline is till not working after a weeks time and everyday fault reporting

Feb 26, 2018
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  • Lm
      Jul 09, 2019

    It seems that a lot of people have the same problems. Telkom is non existing when you try to get hold of them or logging a complain. I can not understand how it is possible that they get away with it, as it seems as if they are untouchable. What about us, the consumers? We as law abiding consumers, deserve better treatment and protection from service providers that abuse us. We complain, we ask for assistance, we log in to numerous websites hoping the be able to solve our problems but to no avail. We ask for help on social media, we contacted Carte Blance, ICASA etc, but we hit a wall as no response is received from them either. If one do get hold of someone in Telkom, they either can not help you or promise to help, but when you try to contact that person again their contact numbers no longer exist. Surely somebody must be able to take charge and act on the consumers behalf. Telkom service is the worst in SA, it is non existing and they bully us in paying for services that is non existing, threatening us with black listing for non payment. I get the idea that they ignore our request on purpose to make money out of us, because the longer it takes to get hold of them the more money they take from us. This must stop!

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