Telkom SA SOCno show appointment

An appointment was booked and confirmed via sms. As you know your appointment states clearly that it is an all day appointment. So I have to be at home and available the whole day for your appointment. Big surprise!!! No show of the technician!! Yay. Another day wasted!
So I phoned the call center because obviously there was NO courtesy call made to me. After 27 minutes on my cellphone...because I APPLIED for a landline, I was advised it will be logged as a missed appointment. Wow... Now what? Do I get a number and wait in line patiently again? Do I actually get a specific time for this appointment? There is more... I was provided with the contact details of the technician who promised to be at my residence at 18:00 TODAY...NOT TOMORROW BECAUSE TOMORROW STARTS TODAY apparently that is the slogan of Telkom? Well big surprise... after 2 phone calls and 2 promises...his phone is on voicemail. So maybe I am lucky and will get hold of his supervisor TOMORROW. Why do you bok appointments and expect us to be at home the whole day and do not even have the courtesy to advice that there will be no service delivery? When can I expect my landline and adsl as I requested please? TOMORROW?

Jan 24, 2017

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