Telkom SA SOC / moving a business telephone line to a new business address

Witbank, South Africa

Good Day
The company Name is Stubs & Steel and the number of the line that needs to be moved is [protected].
The move was for a telephone line and ADSL line. The ASDL line was done but we are still waiting for the telephone line. We even decided to get a new number in order for the process to speed up but that even didn't help. This is a business and we need a telephone line. In the meantime we still pay a telephone account of which we do not have a service.

The first time was on the 22/3 that I got a reference number 159493944A/159493126A and it seems on your system you can see how many more reference numbers I got. The phone got put down in my ear and the orders just get cancelled by themselves and no one seems to be able to help. The last two reference numbers is 160490415A and 163560151A. If I call they just say it is with a technician and he will contact us. He did and came to the office and never returned and still we do not have a line.

Please assist with how we can get a line and we need discount on the account for having no service.

Kind Regards
Nienie Pienaar

Jun 13, 2017

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