Telkom SA SOC / mobile data line service cancellation

Dear Customer

We hereby acknowledge receipt of your fixed line Consumer Contract and Services Cancellation/Retention Request. Your request will be attended to within 21 business days. We will endeavour to contact you to verify the information provided and/or confirm cancellation/retention options available.

Please be advised that:
• This mailbox handles consumer fixed line cancellation requests only and for all other requests e.g. Billing, Faults, DSL Speed issues or Order Progress, please call Telkom on 10210.
• Please note that all cancellation requests must be accompanied by a completed and signed "Consumer Contract and Services Request" form. The form is available at
• Please include proof of the account holder's identification or duly authorised person's identification (copy of SA ID or passport).
• Copy of death certificate (where applicable).
• Failure to provide the above could lead to unnecessary delays.
• If you resend your request to include supporting documentation, then please also include the Cancellation Request form in the same email.
• Moves and relocations can be completed online at
• For Business fixed cancellation requests, please provide a cancelation letter on the company letterhead accompanied by a copy or the account holder's ID to [protected] The business cancellation from is available at
• IF you have a DSL service with another service provider please first contact your DSL services provider, cancel your DSL with them and inform them to convert your DSL line back to a voice service (PSTN). Once confirmed, then please email your voice line cancellation request to Telkom. The form is available at
Please note that a standard written notice period applies in terms of changes to Telkom products and services.

Kind Regards
Below is one of the communication l was having with Edman P from Telkom customer care with no further assistance.
Good day Edman,

Herewith requested information :
Account # [protected]
Alternative # :[protected]
Service ref :[protected]
Case # [protected] (2018/01/03)


May 31, 2018

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