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To whom it may concern,
I received the below email from Telkom and I contacted Telkom a lot during this week. The answer I get is that they cant help me and I must forward the email to them. The problem is that I have a Telkom contract that expires in 8 months and all the services as per their email is included in the contract details.
Louis Fourie
Land line number [protected]
ID [protected]

Dear Valued Customer,
In the recent past, you've migrated from a SmartHome or Do bundle to an alternative service offering. We've noticed that you still have an active internet account that was part of the SmartHome or Do Bundle, which you are not being billed for.
We will resume billing you for this service effective 1 July 2018. The charges, based on the internet account you are making use of, will reflect on your next bill.
Should you not be interested in continuing with the account, you can contact 10210 and request the service be cancelled.
We value your continued support.
Best regards,
The Telkom team

Jun 07, 2018

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