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South Africa
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On the 5th September I logged a compliant at Telkom asking why their internet is so slow and keeps going down. Fault number 79CWK050917. After speaking to them again on the 6th September - they send me a sms to say "your fault is in hand with our technical repair division".
On the 7th September they send me an sms saying the fault is restored.
I was away from the 7th and returned on the 10th September, so of course couldn't check if this is correct.
On the 11th September I phoned them to say it is not restored and they suddenly opened a new fault 47CWK110917. Since the 11th I've had about 30 minutes of good connection, but I have to keep going to my other data provider and use this in order to do work. I work from home and therefore this is a huge inconvenience. My account number is: [protected]. I'm really looking for a repair and refund for these days that I've been without connection from a service provider.

Sep 18, 2017

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